Reminiscing Awkwardness (Mom and I moment)

12:17 AM

just want to share this story to you guys...

----------while doing the household chores my mom asked me if she can borrow my pen, so i let her get my bag upstairs and get my pen inside its pencase under my diary, as she open the big zipper of my bag, she pulled out my diary and accidentally a photo dropped from nowhere... she get that photo and walked towards me, she hand me the photo asking "who this stranger???"... (shocked!) i dont know what to say, i pause for a moment and secretly breath, i held the photo saying "this stranger is the most important person in my life!" my mom remain in silence and i really dont know what shes thinking... thats scared me a lot! hahaha now! im in my room, door locked! im afraid to what might happen if my dad know the story... hahaha

*its been 7 months now since that incident happened, thank God, my mom know how to make a secret kept untold.

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