I love Pet Zone!

8:51 PM

I've been a Pet Player since i started playing Pets 3 years ago, but my playing becomes more competitive when someone sent me a request of a group, the group name is THE PET ZONE and the members called Zoners... i meet lots of different people around the globe who also play pets like me, but unlike me they're are all great in playing and has a big knowledge on it. Been a member of this group for i guess 2 months and i can say am growing as a player. Since, i love all the members and our boss FLYGURL, i open my blog to them if they want to write their own entry. And her is BRATTY POLENG Zoner9 first entry, tribute to all Zoners that she love much.

Poleng: "I am so thankful to be part of Pet Zone and Zhot before..As a token of my gratitude, just want to share this to everyone.."

   I love Pet Zone!

I love my family in Pet Zone.

We are the dark creatures but we aim for nothing else but the best.

I have a witch mom, a vampire for an aunt and another wolfy one.  

We have the finest and gentle men, the Boss, the Papi and the witty


I have wonderful mommies,


My cousins are KRIZTA, ZAI, PRECIOUS, and many more..

I have my dislikers too, lol especially the CARRIE one..lol

We maybe different from the other groups because we are unique in our own ways but nevertheless we aim to TOP it all....

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