"Spike & SERVE 2011" -an event that will not come to pass

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"Spike & SERVE 2011" a Christmas Volleyball Tournament for a Cause

Magandang Gensan!
Christmas is fast approaching and in the spirit of giving, We, our team, organizing “Spike & SERVE 2011”, a Christmas Volleyball Tournament for a Cause on December 27, 2011. With this, I humbly ask for your generosity in supporting this event. The aim of this event is to provide venue for striving volleyball players of General Santos City to compete and hone their athletic skills and hopefully to inspire more youth to engage in sports. More than that, this is also an opportunity to help the children of St. Gemma’s Orphanage. We are still searching for more beneficiaries of this charity event. We will inform you of the developments. 
As of the moment, we are welcoming any donations like: financial, clothes, books and toys. For sponsorship, We are soliciting an amount of two thousand pesos (2,000PHP). Donations in kind are also appreciated.Your deed will be greatly esteemed; we will be placing a tarpaulin under your name of liking at Oval Gym during the event to show our gratitude. This is also a revelation that there are still people who have the heart to lend a hand. We hope to receive a response from you as soon as possible since the day of the event is fast approaching. 
Thank you and merry Christmas! 
Jun Yang Badie (HOST)

This is the official letter/details posted on Fb Event. The said event organized by Roger Tadefa and Rhyndhyll Faye Bartolaba held at Oval Plaza Covered Court, General Santos City on December 27, 2011, due to heartbreaking devastation of the Typhoon Sendong, We, and the team together with the Sponsors of the said event agreed that the funds will be send to the victims of the typhoon. Typhoon Sendong, and the subsequent flash floods, left more than 600 people dead this weekend in the Philippines and government officials expect that number to rise. Emergency teams have started bringing food, water, and medicine to evacuation centers in the Southern Philippines while rescue teams continue to search for more than 800 people who are still missing. 

Victims are now starting to build new home for shelter and starting their lives over again. Different organizations, private companies, citizens, and even VIP's from other countries hands their support. But until now, people are still looking forward for the productivity yet haven't seen any... where are cash and in kind support of our fellow countrymen? Is 'P193.6-million donations for typhoon victims sleeping in bank? ...are these really for victims or  for the personal needs of our greedy Government?

Its up to you to decide. Help CDO bring back to life.

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