The Last SHOT (Short but Real)

10:57 PM

Hey this is me (of course) and i present to you my Baby CJ7...

We sleep and go to other place together, he's with me less than a week (too short i know!)

I never leave him anywhere for reasons:
  • my sibling would probably steal him from me
  • my nephew wants to own him
  • my dont like seeing him
  • my mom want him to be in their room

So, i have no choice but to bring him with me always. But that stay wont take too long.
January 15, 2012 -Sinulog 2012.
My friends and i decided to join the annual Fluvial Parade, after the event, i decided to take a pic with CJ7 but unfortunately, after the shot, when trying myself to stand, i slipped and accidentally throw CJ7 out of the ship where he easily eats by the raging waves of the sea...

Your memory to me will never be forgotten.

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