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This is actually my first Facebook Page, I come up with this page, because i was so inspired by great people with their minds by uttering quotable quotes or lines in their speech, and in any addresses. I was in state of shock when i read some of the skillful article posted on Yahoo. Since i like all their creations, I decided to filled it up all.

I've put together some of our favorite and inspiring sayings and pearls of wisdom that we've come across in our own processes of recovery and growth. I've found these helpful as we've each grappled with life's challenges and opportunities for ongoing healing - both psychologically and spiritually. I share these with you now in the hope that you'll enjoy them, and leave this FB Page feeling good about yourself and about life! -Roger E. Tadefa (Page owner & admin) 

Learning is sprucing up in this page. So, what are you waiting for? Go! -and be part of my Page! 

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You views and opinion about the page are very much welcome...
I am still working on. to look it more better... One thing I can only guaranteed to you, you can get lot of learning in LIFE!

I am adding admins on page due to my hectic schedule, they will represent me in times am out in the social world.


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