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Congratulations Bebegems T. (@iheartGEM) for winning our Spread the Style promo! Check your email now for instructions on how to get your prize. Thanks for joining everyone!
This was the official statement posted by PENSHOPPE admin on their page on facebook. Im thankful for this blessings. Entry being raffled powered by Rafflecopter.com 2229 entries collected, and only one winner. and its me!

This afternoon February 21, 2012, the gift certificate just arrived, with much excitement, i rush myself with my sibling at PENSHOPPE store KCC Mall GenSan.

Thanks JRS Express for the fast delivery.

I so loved what this day bring me. PERFECT!

While choosing pants that really fits me, but i end up buying nothing. hahaha the style was odd, and my taste did not agree with their innovative creation. choosy much!

I'm with my bro/sis , she helped me what to buy. I gave her some of the GC's.

PAK! Done shopping 9 great items (for me) are selected. (sorry for the blurred photo)

Ill start to deliver as promise, my giveaways to people i love. These are the packed items na ibibigay ko. God gave me blessings, its time now to give back what i have. Thank you Penshoppe (OFFICIAL).

These are the items i bought from PENSHOPPE.

Thank so much. You made my Valentine's week AWESOME!

If you want to be like, better to spread the style, visit Penshoppe (OFFICIAL) Facebook page or follow them on Twitter: @PENSHOPPE

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