Letter of LOVE

4:19 AM

This message i’m writing you right now contains two gifts which u’ll know about them ahead!

First of all let me say i miss talking to you, our talks were special, rest assure that nobody knows about them.

Since it’s Valentine's Day -i need somenoe to talk to and ‘im chosing you, i know i gave you a hard time and i know i lost your trust which i realy need – all i asked from Cupid this year is You! plus your trust.

Is it a lot to ask for Valentine's Day?!

Since you knew my gift for Christmas, can you grant it for real?

If that isn't enough for you, allow me to write you a letter, that states how much i need your love, and how much i love you. No one else in this world but You! Let me call you my Blessing.

Dear Blessing,
Oh, how I’ve longed to express my feelings to you. Shadowed by the sunset’s dying light, I lift a lover’s pen to spill my word with crimson ink, but the words to express the depth and breadth of my love are not in sight. I’m assaulted by pangs of the heart and soul, pining love for you. I want only to push back those embattlements that shelter the words and tell you how much I love you. With midnight upon me, I try to reach into my soul, but still nothing comes from my weary pen to express how much I feel about you. I could gaze longingly into your pretty eyes. I could dance with you on clouds of silvery white. But still the words rush not to my pen, not a romantic word in sight. Your love is so wonderful and rare; it’s bold, with a mischievous grin: it’s as humble as a lady’s maid, and as courageous as a knight. If only I could find the words to make your day bright. The power of your kiss can drop me to my kneel. We’re a portrait of love’s perfection for all feasting eyes to see. Still I’m unable to express mylove for you, but I’ll wait with anguished heart, in hopes that I’ve given you a clue. Please let me know if you might just love me too? 
Yours faithfully,


-I trip so many times on my path in life, but i barely remember ever falling at all like i did when i met you. I’ve always imagined having my life perfected when i meet the one i truly love, but i never thought the day will come until i set my eyes on you. You’re simply all i ever wanted….i know you don’t want me but i’m not saying you should love me back, just let me love you the way no one has ever done.


Last night i huged my pillow and dreamt of you…,…….i wish that someday i’d dreamt about my pillow and i’d be hugging you.


Sometimes its hard to show just how much you love someone, and to show it in words is just a small way of showing how much you love this person.

The best feeling is waking up and the first thought of the day is You, the same thought you went to bed with the night before.

Parting Words:

If the only possible way we can be together is in dreams, then i would like to sleep forever… I love you soo much. I need to sleep now to be with you.

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