One Sunday Morning

7:57 AM

I opened my pc and surf the net about Paulo Coelho, aside from that am also looking for things and good vibes news online.

As I open my account on TWITTER, 3 things happened.


Kim Idol posted that he's heading his way here in General Santos, so i replied on his tweet.

-but instead of reply on my mention, well, actually he did mention me on reply but the message says:

This message got my mind puzzled.

So, i checked my DM.... and boom! wow! hahaha so controversial show.

sorry, but i cant disclose to you what he said on my DM.

-and i tweeted him back.

Thats says it all.. hehe i reject the offer... if you just know what the DM is all about. lol


Had so much fun on Twitter, love talking to Kim Idol, as he invited me to be part of his show... he's now heading his way here in GenSan, just off to NAIA2. Still dont have much confident to entertain people on stage. Group of friends lang kaya kung pasayahin. Maybe the next time around.

Again, some statements we talked about remain closed.


Felt a bit disappointed with Globe Tattoo. I'm one of the winners of #DanicaSpotted game, but they dont give consideration of my situation. Im far from manila, and the prizes given are irrevocable, so, that thing note on me, thats it ok. The prize is Globe merchandise and ayala GC's, and i just turned out, that its now Rustan GC's. do they know what irrevocable really mean is?Now, i dont demand, i just state my concern regarding with Rustan thingy, but still, request rejected. FINE! I'll just told them to deliver the prize on the address i gave them.


I got a fansign from Naprey Almario Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 ex-housemate. This thing give me good vibes.

If you dont believe that its my name. This is the original tweet from Naprey! Name mention is my Twitter account. 

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