Thanks from the BOTTOM of my HEART.

8:47 PM

I really dont know what to post, i just click the NEW POST and stare... lol

...a message received from unknown number, while im staring hard on my monitor. it says...
"Congratulations, You WIN again!"
huh? this message got my mind puzzled and rush looking to all promos/contest online i indulge myself  in. -and there you go I won at Ganier for the second time.

But, not only Ganier proclaimed me as one of their winner but also, other pages, person and accounts on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

I started joining contest/promos online just two weeks ago, and i cant believe LUCK is following me or  it is juat  a win by chance?! We'll i dont mind it anyway, as long as i won, with effort -then im solved.

The following are the companies, individuals and groups that awarded me as one of their winner.

  • M.O.R. GenSan
  • Eanvie Philippines
  • Globe Tattoo
  • Danica Magpantay
  • L'Oreal Paris Philippines
  • Smart
  • Anne Curtis
  • SM North Edsa
  • Lay Bare
  • Master Philippines
  • Garnier
  • Bench
  • Zerona LaserSlimming and Aesthetic

(oh c'mon im sorry i forgot the other companies, ill just keep this posted, whenever i remember what it is)

These are just my winnings for the past 2 weeks. LUCKY right?

-haha got lot of prizes, and still counting for more. Now, all those are still not on my hand yet, but soon, they're now on there way here. Cant wait to hold those prizes.

Thank you so much.

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