My Blackberry Gelaskin Design

9:37 PM

Here's my entry to the BMS x BlackBerry: Design You Own Gelaskin Contest BREAK MY STYLE

I made three designs of gelaskin, for the reason, I want to explore more of my creativeness while doing this. At first, I really don't know how to start, what to do, and what design I would love most. But, I end up thinking, why not start it with my self, so I decided to create designs that best fit my character.

I will name my first design -Stark- this represent my simplicity through creative/abstract image. I'm just a simple person who think creatively. I come up with this designs because it's visually seducing and for sure, you will not leave your phone alone.


Since, summer is fast approaching, I come up with a summer theme for my 2nd gelaskin design. If only I have this kind of phone, I would love bringing it with me in a beach, it fits the season and most specially I created it on my own. Summer is so special for me. First, it's my High School pet name every Christmas party, name of my favorite Chihuahua, I celebrate my B-Day -May 25, that's summer and the most important thing is, it's a season of family bonding, trip and etcetera.


-And my 3rd designs is about my passion -Dancing- I love to dance because I can escape into my own little world. I don't have to talk to anyone, I can just be at one with the music. Depending on my style of dance , I don't even have to concentrate on the audience that much, it's my way of expressing myself and escaping, it  also helps me relax and is great fun and exercise. Shows are the best and exams and auditions are all part of the life!


I hope you all love my designs as well as their names and somehow be inspired with the story behind each creations. It is also knowing about me more.

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