My BlackBerry Gelaskin Design

8:32 PM

Here's my entry to the BMS x BlackBerry: Design You Own Gelaskin Contest BREAK MY STYLE:

Actually, this is now my second entry for the My BlackBerry Gelaskin Design. Before showing you my second entry gelaskins designs, here's a recap of my first entry:


Hope you all loved my first entry. To view the post just click here. Thank you so much, don't forget to comment.

To know more about my first designs, pls do click, the "click here" above. You will know the reasons behind those creative designs of mine. To mention, you will also know why each designs has their own names.

Time now to show you my new designs, and all this designs are my official 2nd entry for the contest. Just like my first entry, here in my 2nd second, each deigns has also their own names, each names is best describe how i define them while creating them. My 1st entry talks about me, but, this time, I created this designs with love and happiness -and talks about us in general.

To start with:

The most controversial SimSimi, this past few days, Simsimi is making its own name. SimSimi is an application, which is used in both Android and iPhone to chat or convers ewith a little yellow creature that resembles a bubble and bird conjoined. It is a conversation app that most people find very interesting and was invented by a Korean technology company in the year 2002. I created this design just to be in the trend, for sure everyone will get envious.


Next is the White Dove with Heart that represent LOVE. It's a symbol of harmony, happiness and probably inner peace. So, you're that type of person, who is simple yet a bit classy and formal, this will surely fit your taste.


I end up designing this Super Mario theme. because of my brother, I watch him playing and i see the joy in his eyes. He loved the game.


This was made out of curiosity with the vintage thingy, though the designs is far from being a vintage stuff yet its appearance something you, that there is more, than what you see.


Thank you so much. If you have any comment, feel free to post below. Hope you love all my designs and the story behind each creations.

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