My BlackBerry Gelaskin Design

2:37 AM

Here's my entry to the BMS x BlackBerry: Design You Own Gelaskin Contest BREAK MY STYLE:

I so love this contest, actually i keep on saying that i love this contest, oh did is say it again? hahaha I guess a million times already. Well, honestly, I really love it, and don't know why, maybe because i don't treat the contest as contest, i treat it as part of my hobby.

Anyway, don't let me make dramas here in my blog. Now, let me show you what are my latest designs, but before that, here's my recap of my last designs, again, don't forget to comments.

FYI to those who don't know, as I've said this is a contest, and this is my 4th entry. My 4th set of designs.

Let's start with...

My PUZZLEd creation, this was brought up when I saw our neighbor's son playing puzzle and my nephew played with him.. Since I love my nephew I created this for him.

This ILLUMINATI design and my next design is for my Kuya, he requested me to create a design for him, though he dont have any BB phone, but he just want an inspiration... hahaha so wierd, well soon, we will have one.


Next my Kuya's fave, the style is so masculine and strong. so for guy's out there, you will surely love this MANLY creation.


That's it. hope you all love it and all my previous entries, do compare them, and you'll see that each has their own uniqueness that will stand out from each others.

Thank you.

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