My BlackBerry Gelaskin Design

10:06 PM

Here's my entry to the BMS x BlackBerry: Design You Own Gelaskin Contest BREAK MY STYLE:

Hello everyone, this gelaskin contest inspired me alot, and imprisoned my interest to it. Well, must say, thank you to Laureen Uy, I really love this contest now.

This is now my 3rd post about this contest, and I must say, I'm doing good, maybe great for some. But, honestly I have this confident within me. Now, before showing you my 3rd set of gelaskin designs, let me give you a recap of my past 2 posts, where in you can actually locate them at the right side bar on this blog -Blog Archive. To less the hassle for your convenient, here's the sneak peek to those who haven's seen it yet.

First entry:

Click here for the complete details of post: Knowing ME!

Second entry:

Click here for the complete details of post: Seasoned!

Don't forget to comment on those post, as I've said, you will surely like it.

Its time now to showcase the 3rd set of my gelaskin designs.

Lets start with this B&W Abstract kisses to fishes. This design will surely fit to those who love classy stuff on their stuffs. Dont say No-No, coz I know that you LOVE it.

B&W Abstract kisses to fishes 

Next is Cutie Lovey. I really love this one, personally. I even caught myself smiling while designing. For sure, if you have a gelaskin like this, all your friends wont resist themselves to borrow your phone and get envious with your phone skin.


Last but not the least design for my 3rd set entry is FAME. Gals and gals in heart will loved this design that suits their cool and a bit kikay character.


Hope you all love their names and most important is, their designs. Thank you.

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