My Secret Group -RULES- UNVEILED!

12:00 AM

The group is exclusively for people who loves to play online contest/promos. The purpose of this group page is to help the members WIN. All members are allowed to post the link to the group page of the contest/promo they indulge themselves in, and everyone are oblige to LIKE or VOTE the said entry of the other members.

  • NO CHEATING: Whoever caught will automatically deleted. No warning. Be responsible enough.
  • MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: All your accounts must be a member of this group. Only active accounts are allowed, those inactive accounts, please deactivate. (yung mga nagpapa contest ngayon, chine check na nila lahat, kaya matatalo ka pa rin kung inactive accounts yung nag la-LIKE)
  • INVITING FRIENDS IN THE GROUP: All are allowed to invite friends to be part of the group, but all invites will undergo proper INVESTIGATION (hahaha OA na!) invites under approval. Approval is in my hands.

Rules on posting links/entry:

  • Not spammy.
  • If you comment on the post, make sure to react with respect, even if we disagree.
  • Use appropriate and beautiful language. The more intellect you are, the more group member will value you.
  • I will tag all the members if i have enough time to the post -posted by others, just to remind everyone to LIKE or VOTE the said entry.
  • You are free to do anything, as long as you are not violating the rules.

Unrellated, non-constractive or inappropriate post, comments, photos, videos and docs may be removed to make the discussion/group page useful for everyone.

PERMANENT BAN: No warning! I'll ban you if i hate you or you violated any of the rules or you cause harmful to others in the group. I will not regret my decision because Im always wise. haha

Confidentiality: what happens in small group, stays in small group, since this is only for gorgeous people with a heart that is truly benevolent and a spirit of a champion, winner lang pala kay OA na masyado!

I will also consider to reject someone if he/she is stupid and uneducated or in other words --Didn't get things clearer'.

I am the admin and the person who created the GROUP!


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