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Just this early morning, I got a partnership with Personalized Accessories owned by Joan Lee for my Birthday giveaway that will start this mid April, it's something that you should watch out for. I've been a fanatic of Personalized Accessories since I knew the page when a friend invited me to LIKE it. Upon opening the link sent to me, without further talk, seeing the page make me yawn with the first word came out "CUTE!"

I already requested a personalized items at Personalized Accessories and hopefully push through it after my friends arrival from a vacation. It is actually my surprise for them.

What I like about Personalized Accessories?

-The items are simply awesome and the fact that they make their our products/items... the love and passion + talent are vividly seen on each pieces they made. Keen, innovative and creative minds are surely inside the heads of the people behind Personalized Accessories.
About Personalized Accessories:

Joan: +639175404393 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +639175404393      end_of_the_skype_highlighting / +639223816846 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +639223816846      end_of_the_skype_highlighting / / PM directly to page. Please read terms & conditions under notes section. Thanks! 
To be able to provide quality personalized accessories for our customers. 
Company Overview 
Personalized Accessories are the ones who makes the items that are ordered. We are not resellers, but we are the direct suppliers of the acrylic items. We have our own machine that makes everything possible.
For any inquiries and orders, please feel free to
1. Send an email to or
2. Send a Facebook message to our page or
3. Send a text message to our numbers or
4. Send a tweet to our twitter account. 
Please read the terms and conditions before placing an order.
Terms and conditions found here:
To order, please fill out the order form found here:
We offer product discounts & shipping discounts to bulk orders.
We do not sell custom designs that we think are easy-to-break. If we do, we give our customers warning that there is a possibility for their design to break if not taken care of. Please do understand us, as we only want to provide quality yet affordable accessories. 
General Information 
Process and production time of orders are dependent on the following factors:
1. The quantity of your order
2. Amount of other orders being processed
However, existing design orders may take 1 to 3 business days to be produced (or even 2 to 5 business days) and personalized design orders may take3 to 5 business days to be produced while all kinds of orders may take1 to 2 business days for shipping. 
Orders are immediately processed AFTER downpayment of at least 50%. 

For complete details and other important info's, click here!

Now, presenting with their latest collection, the Simply Stunning (SS) Collections.

Peter Pan Collar
Normal Color: Php 450
Mirrored & Glitter Color: Php 650

Normal Color: Php 450
Mirrored & Glitter Color: Php 650

Arrow Down
Normal Color: Php 350
Mirrored & Glitter Color: Php 550

Inverted Triangle
Normal Color: Php 350
Mirrored & Glitter Color: Php 550

For other SS collection designs, click here! This is indeed simply stunning.

As of now, they offer the following products:

Personalized Keychains (PKC)

Personalized Necklaces (PN)

Acrylic Necklaces (AN) 

Acrylic Rings (AR)

Personalized Stands (PS) 

Simply Stunning (SS) Collection

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