Recognition Day

3:34 AM

from: Anonymous

          “Rrrrriiiiinnnnngggg!” I looked at the clock and it is 6:00 A.M. My head is so heavy and I can’t even move body because I’m so relaxed and I don’t want to get up. You know, it is a typical student’s cause of getting late. So I slept again. “Blah blah blah blah blah!” I heard noises so I looked at the clock again and it is 6:47 A.M. My back up alarm clock is the best because it wakes my soul up but it almost damages my ear drums! And guess what kind of alarm clock it is, IT’S MY MOM! “What time did you sleep last night? You played computer games again? Or just watch some non-sense videos on your computer?!!” Oh yeah! Typical Monday morning lines, but what can I do, I can’t answer back or else she will scold me big time! So I just hit the showers, eat and dress up for school.

            I’m a fourth year high school student, I am working on my group thesis and that is the reason I slept late last night. My mom won’t understand me and I know that because the only good things she could see are my two brothers. What do I expect, my older brother is handsome and my little brother is the apple of their eyes while me….. I am nothing.         There are times I get so jealous and I question myself what should I do for them to know that I exist, I even got into the point the questioned God, why didn’t He give me a face like my elder brother or a charm like my little brother. Then a day came that I attended a mass wherein the topic of the homily is jealousy specifically within the family, the priest told us that why should we get jealous of our brothers, why not be thankful that someone’s loving them for they are your brothers. The priest was like God answering all my questions and I was enlightened.

When I was born, my mom stayed by my side 24 hours a day, she doesn’t want to get her eyes off of me. I can still remember I am everybody’s favorite but when my mom gave birth to my little brother I was neglected. I thought I was all alone but I have best friend beside me all the time, a friend who would never turn her back on me no matter what the situation maybe and a friend who would not dare to break her promise, she is my grandmother, my greatest treasure.

            I started to attend school when I was four years old and of course my grandmother was always there, I even eat breakfast in her house, she treats me like a prince. She cooks sunny side up eggs and hotdogs sautéed in sugar and ketchup, she knows it’s my favorite.  My mom back then was active in the PTA. I enjoyed my pre-elementary days and I got a lot of awards but what made me smile the most is my mom’s happiness when she was awarding me those medals. It was a precious smile and I know it’s rare. When I was on grade 1, I was one of the top ten and again I saw her smile until I told myself this is the only way for me to make her happy and for her to recognize me. From that moment on, I started to grab a lot of awards. Nutrition Month, Buwan ng Wika, Intramurals, Foundation Day, name it! I have participated in every month’s celebration and I can’t go home without a medal because I always want to see her smile. She was even called “the stage mom” because she doesn’t miss any recognition day every end of March.

            If my mom is so proud of me, what more is my grandmother, she was more than happy than my mom, and she can’t stop kissing me. Well, I can’t blame her for she was the one who raised me. I spent more time with her than my mom which is a good thing because she always takes my side. Every field trip my mom doesn’t want me to go because (as usual parent’s reason) it’s another non-sense expense, so I always go to my grandmother and ask her permission, I know she can’t resist me so immediately, she went to talk to my mom about it and my mom couldn’t do anything about it so she said yes. She’s always my angel.

            “Rrrrriiinnggggg!” The bell rang and it is Monday, that means another flag ceremony. I will be leading the “Panatang Makabayan”, I am shaking not because I will take the lead but because I can feel the pressure of the coming Oral Defense in our thesis. Moments later, we draw lots and I got the 1st slot, it means it’s our turn. The defense went well and I am so glad that I will be graduating.

            This is it! The moment I have been waiting for, the graduation day. I was the valedictorian when I was in elementary and again I am graduating with the highest honors and all “Best-in” awards plus leadership awards and special awards. The moment that I am marching towards the stage my heart beats twice as fast. The moment that my mom was awarding me the medals, everything was in slow motion, I have the spotlight, and at last my mom looked up upon me. I will never forget this golden moment. As I march down the stage everybody’s eyes are on us which makes my mom very proud but I wish my grandmother was there to witness everything.

            As we are on our way home, I’m imagining my grandmother’s face. I am longing for my best friend’s hug, so the moment I stepped out of the van, I immediately approached her and let her see the medals hanging on my neck, I saw her tears fell down, I know she is very proud of me and she can’t help telling everybody that I am her grandson. I can’t take my eyes off of my best friend’s smile, for she has a smile with a thousand bolts. So this day I got my mom and grandmother, two girls who are very important to me.

            “Let’s stop all the drama! Come on, let’s eat!” my grandmother said. That was the time I was able to look around me and noticed that my grandmother planned a big party. I wondered why I didn’t notice, maybe I was just too excited to see her. I asked my grandmother why she threw a party when we could just celebrate with the whole family. She told me “this is what you deserve and besides I want to let everybody know that my grandson graduated with the highest honors”. My tears just fell, I was touched by her words and at that moment I thought of my mom, would she be proud of me everyday just like how my grandmother is?

            “Ezekiel, come here! Meet your uncle and your aunt.” Mom called. I was like a total stranger during the party I don’t even know who are the guests. There are so many relatives I haven’t even met. The day ended quietly, I was so glad that I have seen my mom smile again and now back to normal.

            Being a college student isn’t easy, too much paper works, self-studying lessons and reviewing. These loads kept me busy just for me to see my mom’s smile again. I have studied hard and my hard work bared sweet fruits. Time passed so quick that I haven’t spent some time with my grandmother. Then one day I came home late and I am wondering why my mom and dad aren’t home yet then my brother told me that my grandmother was rushed to the hospital. Time has stopped. I can’t think clearly. My body is paralyzed. I was shocked about the news I heard. My tears fell not just because of what happened but because I wasn’t there. All the time she was by my side and now I felt like I left her. I kept on texting my mom about my grandmother’s situation and she just told me to pray. I talked quietly to God. I told Him our story and asked him to save my best friend from any trouble. Then I cried and fell asleep without noticing.

            I woke up late in the morning as I heard the van slowly parking in our garage. I quickly went out to see if my grandmother is ok but all I saw are medical bed, new pillows, dextrose and medicines. My mom told me that it’s for my grandmother’s medication and she will be hospitalized at home. She also told me that my grandmother was diagnosed with cervical cancer at stage 3. Again, everything around me froze. My best friend was in pain all the time. The smiles she showed me covered her pain for my own sake. She always wanted to be strong for me but now it’s my time to pay back everything she has given me. I promised to take care of her no matter what. So after going to school I go to her room to check her if she’s ok. Telling stories, cracking jokes and bonding with her is all I do, I always have fun when I’m with her but she reminded me of school and I made her a promise that I will graduate and I will be successful. I will earn money and go with her around the world and buy her all the things she wants. She just smiled.

            “Class, finalize your answers! --- OK times up, pass your papers!” my teacher said. I finished early and I was just waiting for him to let us submit the papers. I am so excited to go home and tell my grandmother my whole day but I saw her door closed, so I knocked and went in ---- nobody’s there. Again, she was rushed to the hospital. I waited patiently the whole night, hoping that nothing happened to her. The next day I went to the hospital, I saw her conscious but she couldn’t talk. I could see the pain in her eyes and it pains me more. I told her stories but couldn’t help not to cry. It was almost time for school when I left and bid her goodbye, so started to dry my tears.

            The next day, I went home early and as I enter the gate I felt a heavy aura on body. My mom and dad were there. I checked my grandmother’s room, she’s still not home. So I asked my mom “Are you getting more clothes for Lola?” my mom couldn’t answer me, until tears fell down her eyes and told me that my grandmother is dead. My heart fell down. My tears fell like rain. I felt like my whole world crashed. I couldn’t talk properly nor breathe. I couldn’t accept the fact that she’s gone. Hours passed when my mom called me, she said we have to go to the old house, I thought it was a meeting but I saw a coffin and it was my grandmother’s body. The aura became heavier as tears fell. The funeral reunited the entire family and her burial was like a hero’s burial. All the people she has helped were there. I was happy knowing that my best friend helped many people, she was indeed my hero.

            Days have passed but I wasn’t able to eat and talk properly but my mom went back to normal, it’s just she kept on doing household chores for her to get busy and temporarily forget about what happened. She’s been scolding me without any reason. I went to the dining room, picked up the phone and dialed my best friend’s phone number then I suddenly realized that she’s gone, I was even more depressed. My mom kept on nagging like a there will be no tomorrow, so I burst up and stood up bravely against her.

            “For once in my life I was loved. For once in my life I was appreciated. For once in my life there was someone on my side. I should be happy then, right? Yes, I am happy but somehow there was a disappointment. I was disappointed that my mother is not the one loving me the most but instead it’s my grandmother. But my grandmother is gone, so please stop. She was there during my ups and downs but you just there when I am being recognized, where were you when I have problems? I can’t even talk to you when you are taking a rest. I am not asking you to love me for I am used to it but please I am asking you not to hate me, I am so tired of it.” I said. She was speechless. I thought she’ll turn my back on me, instead she hugged me, tightly. I felt like my grandmother was hugging me, it’s the arms and the hug that I am longing for. At last she could see me as her son. At last she recognized me.

This is actually real life story from a friend of mine, i just tell you that its from an anonymous person as he requested. Hope you like it and learn something from it. Just leave your comment/s, for sure, he will read it, but on his behalf I will answer your post/s. Thank you so much.

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