Stick on her Music; BEYONCE!

2:20 PM

This past few days, i just realize and little by little notice that i got a sudden addiction to all Beyonce.

I was listening to Joseph Vincent cover of Beyonce -Love on Top. I really love it, so i decided to listen to the original song, and the music imprisoned me to itself.

Ok guys, i know her since shes still part of the group DESTINY CHILD, she stand out when she do the SINGLE LADIES. For me.

So, you better put a ring on it unless, you still wanna see how fierce they really are... well, truly that girls run the world.

and this one, i just then caught listening and singing ot it over and over again. its Beyonce - Let's Move! 'Move Your Body'

Personally, I like Beyonce! She is a great actress and she has some very catchy and great songs!!! I think she seems like a very kind person and not some stuck up celebrity. Kudos for all the music she did. so effin awesome.

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