To all my HATERS!

12:28 AM

OK! This is it.

It all started when I joined online contest/promos both on twitter and facebook, and even third party sites. This was last week of January 2012. I was an active member of Close Up Philippines and still am. After gaining friends, I got influenced with the fact that they keep on winning online, yes, I got envious with that, since they want me to be part of any game also, which at first, I really don't like to be part of it. It was all for respect, but now, I'm learning to love it. 

I keep on winning almost every other day, even some of my friends, whom I call experts on this field got "WOW" haha, it is, really is. Now, winnings are coming everyday.

As the number of winnings rapidly raises. I’ve been hit with the notion: “Wala ka na bang ibang magawa sa buhay mo kung di ang salihan ang lahat ng contest? Poorita! #HOMAYGAD” not just this, there are more. I really don't know what to do, everytime I read tweets, message like this. I did nothing, I even don't know their names. Who the HELL are they?

I even considered talking to some of my friends to see if I can do something to deal with the people who keep bashing me, they are really unknown people creating problems with their lives from other people. It's hard for me to let them do it, and not defending myself, I have to, they disrespect me in some ways.

Which is fine. I mean, I’m considering myself prepared for it. So if you’re a prude or judgmental as hell– Here’s a thought: DON’T FUCKING MIND ME. You know what you are? You are THE most pathetic wastes of human live's I have ever seen.

Haters, you can just go cry in your little Emo corner for all I care. Your opinion means nothing to  me. I don't want you, just like your mother never wanted you either.

First and foremost.

First of all, I’d like to give a slow clap for the education system in this country. Bravo. Some of the people don't even know the word "RESPECT" ohh gosh, don't tell me, haven't heard that word ever since? If no, maybe you're the person who couldn't have completed the 3rd grade.

Let me raise my middle finger!
Let me Thank you.

I encourage haters because you have to be doing something right for someone to feel the compulsion to tell you that you aren't. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to focus on mine, and enough to let me know that I’m on my way.

Let me raise my middle finger! 
Note to YOU!

Ever hear of spellcheck? I mean come the fuck on. Even if you’re a total idiot at least pop that shit into MS Word, Paper Rater and have them look it over. Hint: Squiggly red line means a spelling error. Squiggly green line means grammatical error. You’re welcome. I know right! I don't entertain haters with spelling error.

Let me raise my middle finger!
Have some Core.

I get it, you think what I'm doing is wrong/way-of-living/attention-seeking/whatever and you feel the overwhelming desire to let me know and for your voice to be heard! Well then awesome– Just have something to fucking say. I know you are bursting with the desire to cut me down, I am, just a bit i guess but give some fucking thought to what you’re about to say. Please, for your own sake.

Let me raise my middle finger!

Ultimately, you just look like a fucking idiot hater with nothing better to do than sling insults at people more talented, successful and better looking than you. I am, wanna see my photos? hahaha

Which if you feel the need to hate, we obviously are.

So keep hating haters. You make the world go round.

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