Dermablend: Papaya Orange Skin Whitening Soap Review

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It takes me time in giving a review about this product but the long wait is over after trying it many times. I just started using it last February as Juvelyn our neighbor and so to happen Gerald Anderson's first cousin hands this to me and tell me to try it. (Hint: Gerald Anderson is one of the endorser of this product.) She gave me 2 boxes and another 2 boxes late March since I can't buy the product which is not available here in our place; only in one Mercury drug store yet I need to spend an hour to buy one.

I'm very much HAPPY with the result this product brought me. This is simply a confidence booster and can give skin satisfaction; not to mention how this awesome product gives you what you need physically. Soft, fair, clean and smooth skin both on your body and face.

I can still remember how my friend keeps asking me what my secrets are... It's not actually a secret. It's DERMABLEND.

Dermablend soaps pamper the skin with the goodness of nature’s bounty such as Papaya, Orange, Cucumber, Melon, Oatmeal, Tea Tree and Guava plants. In using these soaps, skin feels naturally moisturized, soft and supple with a delicate fragrance. Nourish the beauty of your skin, choose from the different soap variants of Dermablend soaps: Papaya Orange (whitening), Cucumber Melon (Moisturizing), Guava Tea Tree (natural cleansing) and Oatmeal (Soothing exfoliant).

I'm using the Dermablend Papaya Orange Skin Whitening Soap

Dermablend Papaya Orange Skin Whitening and Moisturizing Soap is a breakthrough in superior skin whitening that guarantees not just whiter but moisturized skin. The product contains pure papaya extract that effectively lightens skin, and the full benefit of Vitamin C from natural Orange extract that moisturizes and thoroughly cleanses the skin.


Potassium Lactate, Careca Papaya Fruit Extract, Fragrance, CI 15800 in soap base.

Allow me to borrow Kris Aquino famous line from one of her TVC: "Its getting more than what you pay for." Its really is. Try 1 now.

Dermablend Soaps are available nationwide at all SM Supermarket, Savemore, Watsons, Shopwise, SM Hypermarket, and Mercury Drug Stores.

For more details about the product and the other soaps, visit DERMABLEND fb page. Got many tips in there.

As I've had said I started using it February and the effect is so vivid. It is  just a soap yet this also made a big impact nowadays were everyone compete physically; by their looks; so why battle with them using different enhancing products like make-ups, face cleanser, skin leave on etc. etc. if you can have it all in one soap; DERMABLEND.

Why I switch from my old Soap?

Aside from Gerald and Sam. I'm an avid user of a papaya soap from other brand, got no problem with their soap; must say its good. For sure you will agree with me that if you had a taste of perfection and taste new one, you surely end up in a comparison. That thing happen to me after trying Dermablend for many times, I compared it with the old soap am using. I choose to settle myself with Dermablend now because it is so ridiculous that perfection is no longer perfect; I'm now enjoying myself with Dermablend Papaya Orange soap astonishing service and effect in my body.


I use Dermablend soap as a facial soap after having a good dream in bed and use it again as my daily bath soap. Using it regularly for a better result.

Check out their website:

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