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12:57 AM

Heyya everyone!

What’s up to all my readers…? Again, would like to thank you all for your wholeheartedly support with my blog and I’m very much thankful to each one of you who keep spreading the good words from this blog.

I have nothing to post today relevant to reviews, issues and other stuffs alike since I’m having a very busy schedule and can’t even have a good rest for myself, I’ll just make something today to keep you updated. So, my apology if this is irrelevant in your part but one thing is for sure, you will love this cause I might tell you about what’s happening in my awesome life in the past few days. Will just have a free flowing of thoughts, an impromptu post writing, I’ll write down everything running in my mind now. I’ll try if I can do it, hopefully I can. No more proof read, so if you read/see any mistakes, just bears with me my dear readers. J

Then, let’s start.

These past few days, as I stated from my older post, I posted and explained the reason why you can’t find me online it’s just because I’m becoming a SUPERMAN… a SUPER busy MAN; shouldering fully loaded tasks, hectic schedules and a nose-bleeding American class. To those who have not read it yet, I’ll sum it up to you for your convenience. I indulge myself in different activities that our local government have; they’re offering trainings from different grounds to improve our economy and our self as well; like: Literacy Program, Livelihood Seminars, conducting Jobs Fair, Trainings for Teachers and etc. etc. these are just some of the many projects our local government headed by Hon. Darlene Antonino-Custodio provided to all her constituents. The said program is for all ages ranging from 3 years old and above and in any forms of living. Must say, General Santos City is soaring high and in no time be at the top of the most productive city not just in the country but around the globe as well. GSC truly is Home of the CHAMPIONS. Love being a Heneral.

Now, I’m under American class and the proficiency program. Again, all stated projects above are FREE.
There you have it why you hardly find my online and a bit late replying to all your queries, now you know, hoping your consideration. Still, want to thank you for being there supporting my blog.

I’m very much happy receiving good feedbacks from different people I know and to those who are totally strangers. I can’t believe, I just started formal blogging last year, November and I reap something like this that no other neophyte in blogging has. Isn’t it fantabulous? Or I, myself is fantastic and fabulous? Does the last phrase make sense? Well, for me it’s a big YES! Haha

Really loved the fact of having a blog made me a bit extra-ordinary to others in the sense of spoiling myself with my passion as well as earning something from it. Oh what am I talking about? I read some article online about blogging and something like being a good blogger, I forgot the exact article but some parts of it is still echoing in my mind. It says there that through blogging, is creating your own world where nothing ruled but you. I have to agree with this. Another thing, having a blog is fun and somehow our way of voicing out of what we feel but what I loved about that article I read is that it defines what a TRUE BLOGGER is.

As a blogger we have our own blog, and each blog is being categorized depending on the content but whatever your blog is, you can still be a True Blogger… how? Be a blogger who blog at the same time earn; blogging and earning. Make your blog a ways of earning.

Well, it does make sense now telling you why I keep blogging and why I love myself being a blogger. I know this is also the reason why other bloggers loves blogging. Another thing, us bloggers has advantages… and that thing is a secret for now. Will tackle it you soon J

I guess that’s it for today, I’ll just keep you posted on the latest happening, just keep visiting this page cause I still have lot of surprises stored for you. I’ll be having a review from different products and online stores in the next days. For now, I’m preparing for my birthday while letting opportunity coming-in in my life yet still catching up with my social life.

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