One Day Without Shoes by TOMS

11:39 PM

Went shopping with friends Jigs and Julz, (yeah the JJ buddies but they're not jejemons) yet I still took my part as I joined One Day Without Shoes Philippines by TOMS Philippines here in General Santos City.  Distance is not a hindrance for me to joined the said advocacy for the kids. In this photo below I'm at the Movie World area of Robinsons Place General Santos.

Many shoppers keep their eyes on me, I was wondering what's on their mind? Aren't they well informed citizen of this country? or shall I say, they don't give much time in knowing random things happening around their corner? I don't mind them anyway, walking barefooted made me an instant star, where everyone's eye is on me. Isn't it awesome?

I believed that even my presence wasn't there and far beyond the event area, I know deep in my heart, by just taking part in my own way is already enough for them to know I'm on their side with this great campaign.  

But for everyone's sake, Why we need to take part with the said event and What is One Day without shoes?

The One Day Without Shoes campaign started a few years ago to help educate people and to prompt conversation about the need – and to walk a day in the life of others who must go each day without protection on their feet.

What is One Day Without Shoes?

One Day Without Shoes is an annual event TOMS holds throughout the world. For one day, an hour, or even just ten minutes, they encourage everyone to take off their shoes to understand the importance of shoes and raise awareness on the impact of a pair of shoes can make on an child’s life. The campaign this year revolves around asking everyone to do what they normally do but without shoes. 


Millions of children live without proper footwear, exposing them to injury and disease everyday.

Everyone gathered yesterday April 10 at Greenbelt 3 Park, Ayala Center Makati City! for this exciting event.

Every single barefoot person can make a difference. Put yourself in a child’s
shoes by removing your own. 

One for One!

Thanks to TOMS for this wonderful event.

I, WE, who took part yesterday's campaign bears somethings not just to us but to all the kids around the globe, that is why TOMS are so committed to bringing shoes to kids in need. 

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