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Do you like stuff toy?

I used to, even though most of the stuff toys that I have are gifts from friends and family. The last one that I received was 2 years ago from my boyfriend. It's too cute, actually he is Bart Simpson but I named him after my boyfriend's name. I bought him few cloths and accessories. Do regular laundry, I mean dry clean once a month. He's with me all the time whenever or wherever I go. In fact, we've been together shopping, trips and go in a disco bar. He's tall, I think 3 feet. Oh before I forgot he's Rap-rap. My dearest. I tell him all my secrets, I talk to him always... hehehe isn't it a sign of being crazy? Not quite but maybe I'm almost there. LOL. I love hugging him especially before I sleep and when I'm up the next morning, he's the first thing I wanna see if my boyfriend wasn't there beside me.

4S Disco Bar moment... I think its his 1 month B-day.

Rap-rap is no longer beside me. I loved him so much, since my best-friend who graduated in college last year wants him, badly wants him, I hands Rap-rap to her. Now, Sarah (my best-friend) and Rap-rap are both in Indonesia. Sarah is working as a teacher in Indonesia.

Sarah graduation day, and Rap-rap is present there as my gift.

I have only few stuff toys since I don't buy my own. I just collect them since most of it was given to me by those that are close to my heart. some of those that I have are prizes that I've got from the game stations I played. Actually I started collecting voodoo dolls but end up collecting good dolls. hehe. I still love  collecting dolls, recently this year I both pink small teddy bear and CJ7.

On the other hand, while surfing the net, I found this FB page out of nowhere, and got starstruck with their stuffs, indeed really amazing, all handmade products are simply awesome and cute. I can't resist myself keep saying "cute!".

Good news!

I'm happy to announce that POPJUNKLOVE and Pages Flipper will be having a collaborationPOPJUNKLOVE will be part of my Birthday Giveaway this April 15. So, if you love stuff toys as much as I do, do catch them now on their web pages. It would be an exciting giveaway to everyone.

To know more about POPJUNKLOVE:



Celebrating the DIY spirit, POPJUNKLOVE was created by us- Maan and Roma Agsalud, two bickering (but craft-loving) sisters who are obsessed with pop culture, vintage finds, ukay-ukays, DVD marathons and siomai.

Company Overview

POPJUNKLOVE started out as our small business project involving handmade tee-embellishments and shirt-pins. With that, our love of crafting developed and began to take on a life of its own. As a result, the line up of our creations extended to making scrabble pillows, shape monsters and plushies.

We created this online store to house all of our original, handmade goods and make them available for purchase by the public.While we try to juggle DIY projects with our day jobs, we see to it that every last piece of our creation is a work of craftsmanship and love.




The little devils who love #Banana

These are just sample products what POPJUNKLOVE has to offer to all their costumers. Not only that, they also have accessories, like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and lego pouch. They also cater personal designs. See more here:

Visit their pages:

Like them on Facebook: POPJUNKLOVE
Visit their Multiply: POPJUNKLOVE

or you can email them at

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