Foot Prints Story

3:48 PM

Hi! Been busy the past few days and got lot of hanging workloads from different worlds I am evolving with. They said “You cannot take two masters at a time “I say “I just did, and not just two but many masters.” I’m doing multi task just to cater my entire task with my very best. Never in my wildest dream had I ever imagined to become as busy as what I am now but still must thank God for this opportunity graciously being poured to me. I have nothing to ask.... but REST! Hahaha

Everyone is asking me what did I do for the past days myself being unseen. Now, just share some of the times where I leave my foot prints alive. Summary of what I’ve been through during those days. I, being a friend, blogger, agent, birthday celebrant, son and host.

Heyyah! Need to find a rest for myself. I was about to google it. Hahaha but I got nothing but definition, of course; very obvious. I guess I need to push for extra efforts so I can manage my time.

Deep breath is my last choice.

As a Blogger:

-Yeah, everyone know I just had my 2 part birthday giveaway and still have not end yet giving away the prizes to all the winners. I will extend my apology to all my readers for not completely updating my blog yet I always find myself a time for it, for even in my working station I do write blogs in just a piece of paper.

As a Graduate:

-Just graduated at CMO-S.H.E.E.P. Business English Proficiency last May 29, 2012.

As an Agent:

-Enjoy myself as a call centre agent in one of the BPO Company here in GenSan. Need to do pre and post shift, so my stay in the office is approximately 10 hours. Hayz too much time I always spend in office.

A friend:

-Always find time for my friends to socialize.

Time will tell me when to find myself to look for what I’ve been looking for. Only the foot prints can tell the story of my past that I am tracking the right path. But everything is nothing if it’s not with God. All I do is walk by faith.

Haha so much of talking, the only point of this is I demand a rest. Haha

Well, bottom-line is... why I’m doing this? I just want to see myself being PRODUCTIVE!

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