Business English Proficiency comes to an end

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OH gosh! This is Jessa's fault. LOL I was about to post this article last May and look what date today is. Hahaha funny! But as what the saying goes, better late than never. It is indeed right? So, I need to post it now than to post it next year. This was happened last May 29, 2012 during our culmination day together with the Local Government Unit and S.H.E.E.P. with the special participation of selected high school bands who showcased their talents to everybody. Now, I am very much happy that Jessa took and steal time with her busy schedule just to upload the photos I badly need. After 50 years of waiting in vain literally. I was about to take the liberty of doing the stuff but Jessa's home is far away from mine, then that's the dilemma there. I guess no need to murmur.

Local Government Unit and S.H.E.E.P. push through what our Hon. Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio's program are -the ELP (English Literacy Program) and CLP (Computer Literacy Program). This is to aim to improve the learning ability of Generals (people of General Santos) not just on the daily basis but on the core learning’s of reality. This project does not point to selected people but to all in general; it doesn’t even matter of your life status quo. The first group of people who benefitted with the said program are the Senior Citizen of this city, wherein they've been taught how to used computer and other todays technology. I actually posted an article about this program for Senior Citizen where they personally met Lola Techie of Bayan Telecommunication during their culmination day; I was there as well.

Last May 29, 2012 our training comes to an end where more or less 100 people/students being trained for Business English Proficiency; total number of trainees from different school training centers that last for 20 days only. The training is fun and indeed you will be cloaked with solid learning’s at the end of the day. The training helps you to improve your oral communication using English as your official language.

After the training, the program does not end there but rather they also provide jobs and other services where you can indulge yourself in. From being a trainee to employment; so how heaven it is to be in this kind of program? Not to mentions LGU and S.H.E.E.P. has a lot to offer trainings aside from ELP and CLP, they also have Caricature, Animation, Robotics and Blogging to name some. For your information all the programs are Free! Just visit Mabuhay I.T. Park National Highway behind Sun City Suites. Everyone are encouraging to join the circle. Out of school youth are much welcomed to be part of the program.

I'm one of the trainees who participated in this kind of program, after 20 days of training, must say I am more equip now and ready to take any challenges. Happy to say that I have a job now.

I guess I need to end this post by sharing some the photos during that day.


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