Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

8:13 PM

Your home, your imagination.

It is indeed that there is Mandaue Foam that is currently one of the largest manufacturers of foam and furniture in the Philippines, included in the top 1000 corporations in the country. Having a numerous number branch store nationwide. It's a WOW if you have their items at home.

Now, sharing the three great things I love and this is just some of the many furniture you can choose at their showroom.

First is the R3005 SOFA BED as what they keep on telling, why need to settle for less, having a sofa and bed if you can have the 2 in one? Yeah right, that make this furniture awesome compared to others; 2 in one is a right decision.

Second is the chandelier like lighting thingy that proves to us that simplicity is indeed beautiful. Having its simplicity plus with a touch of  a modern life. This is a perfect interior if you only have a mall dining table below.

Last but not the least  is the FoamTEX Foam; having a furniture convertible to another furniture is really the things that I love the most special if you only have a small area to get this kind of fantabulous interior.

Imagine how awesome your home is if all your furniture and other interiors came from Mandaue foam? Well, your small place will turn into a beautiful palace.

Check out this video: 

To know more, just visit the Mandaue foam website or showroom near you.

Photos above are credited from Mandaue website gallery.

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