Garnier: Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub and Pure Active Anti-imperfections Cooling Roll-on

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During these past few months I've been expose to impurities, pimples, blackheads and other signs of unhealthy face skin because of the activities I indulge myself in and it's kinda weird to use this for women products yet got good response and suits on mine. This is an honest testimony of mine; before, I gave doubt on using the products aside from it is new for me, I don't have close friends who's using the same beauty items. I heard a lot of good things about it and the most important is it works. I took a risk indeed but seeing the results now driven my will to use more.

After having Garnier on my closet for four months now made me realize that I am a satisfied and awesome user. What do you think? Using it for four months settle myself for worrying no more. Garnier is not just an answered products from having imperfections but also a shield that protects my face on my daily life. Using it regularly gives me more evident results. Each Garnier products has a unique power and role to help me looking good and fresh; it will gently, effectively enhances and boost out the natural radiance of my face not to mention it also prevent the dryness and instead maintain the moisture on my skin . Helps me from removing imperfections and leads me for a smooth, healthier and younger looking face. All Garnier products only aims for smoother, cleaner, flawless appearance and restores its natural balance.

Here are details just to give you a brief background of what Garnier is:

Garnier Philippines, the aim of beauty is happiness and feeling at ease with yourself and others. It's about taking care.

Brand Philisophy:

*Garnier is a leading European natural beauty brand
*Garnier uses whenever possible carefully extracted nature-based active ingredients
*Our products are dermathologically tested for tolerance and designed for Asian skin
*The efficacy of our products is proven.

You can check out Garnier site and other updates on their products via:

Twitter: @GarnierPH

Mentioned above that I've been opening my door for Garnier for four months now and it is really nice having them on my life. Products I have are the Pure Active Multi Action Scrub and Pure Active Anti-imperfections Cooling Roll-on; and I already have a lot of left over packs. I'll just give a brief review about the products I have just to help you decide to settle yourself as well on Garnier family like what I did.

Pure Active Multi Action Scrub helps you fight against the 6 signs of acne day after day with gentle micro-beads contains purifying salicylic acid; an efficient anti-bacterial active combined with regenerating HerbaRepair from blueberry extract to visibly fight oily skin, pimples, white heads, dirt, enlarge pores and irregular texture. A multi action that made you look fresh, using it twice a day gives you the result you really wanted.

Pure Active Anti-imperfections Cooling Roll-on is concentrated in purifying salicylic acid, its fresh non greasy formula quickly dries out imperfections instantly. Anti-marks fading actions; enriched with HerbaRepair known for its regenerating and repairing properties, it helps to improve skin, minimise redness and fade out marks. It has a cooling power every time you use the products on specific imperfections.

Having said all while doing this post made me think that it is indeed Garnier helped me a lot and it is really evident now because of the glowing skin I have; I already recommended this to some of my friends and they really loved it. We all felt the same way, how about you?

Good news to everyone, having a bliss using Garnier products, saw this voucher certificates and want to share it to you guys, use this before the validity expired. You have until July 31, better rush yourself now and don't forget to spread the good news.

Chances are yours now! Just present this voucher at any Mercury Drugstores.

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