Giving back GOD's Blessings to People

9:56 PM
This is not a contest nor a giveaway, this is just a surprise to all who loved me and continuously supporting Pages Flipper my blog. In return to that, I'm giving surprise gift to people whose support is evidently surprising.

I have been receiving prizes from online games both twitter and facebook, goodies from my blog sponsors, gift from my virtual friends and readers of this blog who always love me. I am very overwhelmed and oozing with happiness because of these blessings God graciously showered upon me and continuously pouring it to me 'till now. This thing left me speechless every time they arrived right at my doorstep; with no word to speak but thank you. Having these blessings of my life made me more awesome. Hahaha I know things falling now into right place and I, myself tracking the right way. Now blazing with fire, I'll burn you up with some stuff I have.

These are just some... there are more... no need to take photo, thats for me nalang.

Last year I am nothing but myself, wasting my time staring at my facebook, tweeting and posting love thingy on this blog; it’s been my routine throughout the year. My social life does not even put some spice on it thus it only made me realized now that I am just a plain human creature with nothing but himself. Just this year, month of February to be exact, I saw an advertisement on my facebook home page, I suddenly and accidentally clicked on it; damn me for uttering bad words that time but instead of having anger on my baby face a cute smile is painted. I saw facebook contest and I tried it, luckily after it ends they announced me as winner; isn't it cool? It all started then.

Prize I got during my first encounter in contest/promo world online

The year is young before it end; after 6 months now of being expose to this kind of opportunity happening online though what I have is not much than other has but for newbie like me, what I have now envy other contest experts and longtime promo gamers. I can still remember the first prize I got was from Eanvie Philippines: Eanvie BB cream and SHOT Magazine with The Volnanoes on the cover plus their autographs on it and the most recent is from Jules Store the Black Zambia Cellet. After winning the said contest, the luck continuously gamed with me. Not only is me happy here but my family as well.

Black Zambia Cellet

Now to give back God's love and blessings, I am sharing or giving you some of the blessings I have, these are not left overs but items I get from my heart. There's only 1 thing I hope; that you guys will surely like it.

Listed are the people who will experience the first wave of happiness I am showering to them. You all are lucky today:

To receive special set of gift pack are:
  • Jenny Tugunon
  • Aracile Oquendo
  • Ivan Rich Jatico Bonbon
  • Jules Bacalso
  • Gelvic Amolat
  • Espe Salvacion
  • Elizabeth Gonzales
  • Riza Ventura
  • Lyza Entrada
  • Lurey Mar Timbal (also receive stuff toy & pink lomo necklace)
  • Trisha Kamille (also receive stuff toy)
  • Jo Anne Pasco (also receive stuff toy) *subject to change
  • Lemuel Tino (also receive Bench gift pack & Band CD's from Globe)
  • Jonalyn Fuentes (also receive Bench gift pack)
  • Rhyndhyll Bartolaba (also receive Bag) *subject to change
  • Jessa Leduna (also receive Accessories)
  • Jigs Pilapil (also receive iPhone cases)
  • Eduardo Cadavos (also receive branded Chocolates from Europe) *subject to change

 No photo since it's a surprise gift!

Just this afternoon, I went to BDO to deposit some cash for this gift I am giving you all. Since I pull out personal money for this, I am now accepting load as a return of my gifts. Just kidding! People listed above, your gift packs will be delivering right at your doorstep. If your name not listed don’t fret, as I've said this is just the first wave of happiness. Want to know when is the 2nd wave? Continue reading...

Good news! 2nd wave here: I am giving away gift packs for free but what I am asking you is to cover the shipping. That’s it. Make sure that you are indeed a reader or a follower of this blog. Do refresh yourself, eligible readers/followers of this blog are people who subscribe via email (verified email) and follow me by joining site at GFC below this blog. See "CONTACTS" to know how to reach me, just use email subject "Pages Flipper - Free Spree" to recognize and priorities your email. Thank you.

Those who has "*subject to change" your gift packs are ready but your extra gift from me will depend on its availability during delivery.
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