LOTW: Rush in Style

9:04 PM

LOTW time again. Well sometimes I don’t have much time on putting up some glamour on myself because I am so busy with my career in life but still I take time on doing my blog task for my self and for all my lovely readers. This is not a job for my but rather a passion I want and worth doing; a self satisfaction.

Without much drama my look of the week is an unexpected look I made this week for I just stayed at home during daytime and on my friends nest at night, so got no chance on wearing something cool and fashionable for this post. :) Last Saturday we sneak out in our cage to party and the funny thing was its noon time; we had it at Piyesta - an exclusive KTV Bar. 12 noon experience of fun and I wore Regatta Philippines new collection Pique polo for my top.

Pique polo from Regatta hold my aura throughout the day with its soft touch of fabric used feels so cool inside and easy to carry. The pink color gives accent on its style to look more fab while staying its masculinity.

Star necklace from Wear Mauve. ...a fashion item turns a lucky charm. Thank you Kersey C. for this.

Next is a cable manager from Music Daughnut for my iPod (from Georgina Wilson) headset wire. Music Daughnut has a lot to offer and cable managers are just only few of the things that are stored in their online store. You can check it out some here: http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale/wholesale-music-doughnut-earphone-winder.html. Well must say I have to give credit to Regine Joyce for this cute birthday gift to mine.

Again while rushing out myself to the meeting place, so I just get whatever is available in my closet without thinking what do I look like, if it is good or not. Well, it is up to you, do I? I think I am.

Thank you. 'till the next LOTW.

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