Mendez Medical Center: 20php body service

11:13 PM

After a long day of work and meeting, I and my friends sneak out to the nearest mall to buy cool items for my surprise to you dear readers; while walking we saw this massage center that hooked up my attention because of their massage promo. Actually I'm not into this kind of promo yet my body pains says it all that I badly need it for myself convinient. With no hesitation, I head myself inside the center and grab a body massage, what makes it more exciting is the promo; having 20 pesos massage fee is indeed not just affordable but also costumers bait. I myself was satisfied with the services they rendered so as the staffs who has a benevolent heart in providing all their needs. So much loved with Mendez team.

Waiting area of Mendez Medical Center

Looking forward to go back at Mendez Medical Center to try other services and do formal blogging about their massage house. During the time I went their, I am not allowed to take photos yet I still clicked the take button of my camera to get some shots of myself when no one is around. I also have photos while having my body treatment; we just forced the staff to allow us. They don't have good services but good place as well; indeed relaxing and felt a self comforting success.

My turn now, just waiting for the staff to guide me inside

Their 20php body service is just one of the fabulous promos their center has, I just availed it since I don't have plans and I'm busy doing other stuff the time; rushing time.

After the massage, HEAVEN.

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