Messing the left over packs

3:10 PM

Funny thing why should I post something like this craziness I just did. This is from out of nowhere idea. So, bare with me as I tell you how this crazy little thing called - GEM messed the leftover packs.

Just this afternoon while drafting a blog and cooking for a giveaway, I heard mom's footsteps outside, she suddenly knocks on my door and said "abri" it's a bisayan word that means "open the door" we speak native language at home, that's why. As I opened my door, my mom got surprised how messy things are; used clothes on the floor, books on my bed, pens beside my pillow, gadgets are not on their proper cases... etc. a typical guy room; messy!

She scolded me and tasked me to clean everything though I am not done yet with what am doing online, so I just left it hanging for awhile and do the cleaning stuffs.

I started cleaning my bed to the floor, arranged everything. Put all books on their shelves, pens on their place, and clothes in the laundry box, I even sweep the floor and changed beddings. I rest for a moment and started staring each corner of my clean room, I then realized that I am not satisfied yet, the cleaning stuff did not end there but rather it drives me to clean the whole house. hahaha funny! Yes, believe it or not; I did! I cleaned the whole house and it took me 5 hours to clean everything. I head then to the bathroom for a shower and boom; I, myself is cleaned as well, free from dust and dirt.

My mom saw what I did, to pay off my hard work, she rewarded me a snack. Indeed, sweetest actuation of the day. After eating a delivery man from LBC arrived with a package for me. I went back to my room and opened it; a package from BENCH! Thank you so much!

2 Bench bags, EDT cologne's inside

Ok now, here’s the thing. I go back sitting in front of the pc but when I accidentally stared at 1 oxygen big bag at the corner of my room beside my closet; a light bulb appeared at the top of my head. hahaha I picked up the bag and saw empty packs inside. My room is cleaned yet I messed it up with the items from the bag. hahaha I laugh because of what i did... I ain’t that crazy enough? Photo below show what’s inside the bag. Again, all items are empty.

2 Bench packs
3 Oxygen small packs and 2 big packs
1 Regatta pack and 1 box of bathroom set
1 Globe Tattoo paper bag
7 LBC small Airvelop
40 LBC big Airvelop
1 Air21 regular pack and 4 big packs
3 KFC Gift cards envelop
1 Firmoo pack from China
2 Milk bags
JRS, TNS, Fully Booked..
etc.. etc.

I can't find where the other empty delivery packs are. I started getting this item was February 16 or 17 just this year, and got more or less 124 delivery packages now. Others haven’t arrived yet, still waiting for them, especially Bench, Close-UP, DTC and many more.

I guess I end this post by telling you all that my room turned messy again.

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