North Peak: Doodle Cruiser Bag review

3:01 AM

Wanting to be on-the-go but dont have cool bags that fitted you? Worry no more 'cause North Peak is here to provide what you need. Not just cool but literally extreme bags suited to any event. School. Travel. Outdoor activity and etc. Actually backpacks are really traveler faithful companion; aside from being comfortable, it is indeed affordable, fashionable and reliable.

I, myself admitted that I am an avid user of any backpack and use it whenever and wherever I go. It's already part of my life that I can't leave without. Empty or not I always have it at my with me; I even have collections of backpacks here. But what it makes my collection more awesome now is it came from North Peak.

Brief background of what North Peak is and has to offer:

Founded on January 3, 2002 in Balintawak, Quezon City as a 7 sewing machine startup, North Peak Industry envisioned the creation of affordable bags made with top-notch materials.

The company aims to satisfy the needs of customers who seek reliable and durable outdoor bags at economical prices. We also manufacture laptop bags and organizers using only the best textiles available. Our entire portfolio is available for both bulk and custom orders.
backpacks are really traveler faithful companion.

North Peak is indeed spice and elevate bags from simple designs to its finest. What I love about their bags is its composition, durability and its simplicity that is truely irresistible that everyone wants to have. It is really evident how fast they run out of stock and has a long list of orders. They're now one of booming online stores on facebook. What I have on hand is one of their best selling item the Doodle Cruiser.

Doodle Cruiser stand out itself from having simple design; having two ordinary colors blended properly. 15"x12" and all bags has small support in front.

1. Smart lock. This smart of locking bag has two, two-way sliders on the zipper chain. Each slider has a metal loop with a hole molded on it. When you slide the two sliders towards one another the molded loops that are offset alien next to one another, which then gives you one hole, which you can put a padlock through. The two sliders locked together in turn lock the bag in the closed position. This is very rare in this kind of bag because the most availability of this is on costly bags.

2. North Peak has its logo on the lower right of the bag.

For sure everybody wants to have this kind of bag. Hope to get the Kaiga Leaves EXTREME CRUISER WITH BACK SUPPORT front or the Neon Abstract as well. If you want to own one North Peak bag; feel free to visit their page on facebook: North Peak.

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