Random Photos from my Phone

9:17 PM

Tick...tock..tick..tock! a clock hands sound, sounds I only hear while I'm still in bed lying and just woke up after having a good sleep; staring at the ceiling doing nothing. My mind is pre-occupied with nothingness and it seems like I'm in an achromic world where no one else is around but me.

"Weeeew!" ...message tone on my phone and I got 2 sms from a friend. That phone interruption pulls me back from reality from being blinded by the ennui within me. Was about to read the sms I got yet I accidentally clicked the "Gallery" icon in the phone menu. That leads me to photo folder, instead of reading the sms I got.

While staring the photos, things made me reminisce what happened during that moment. Then that put a smile on my poker face. Now, I want to share some of the photos I have on my phone, these are just selected photos; random public images for everyone. so I'll end this post by sharing them to you.

This was May 15, 2012 at KCC MAll of GenSan. I'm with my friend Jigs that time and it's actually my first time to be in that place, I mean the fast-food area of the mall and it is also my first time to eat in an eat-all-you-can buffet for only 75pesos, very cheap and affordable for everybody. Honestly, i did enjoy the moment.

Blue-is-in last April 16 with friends at Top 7 Mart. Drinks all night long with Tanduay Ice. Hahaha funny thing is I'm wearing the same color with my drinks; the polo is actually from PENSHOPPE, got it during their shopping treat for me. The leggo necklace is from POPJUNKLOVE and the iPod is from Georgina Wilson during her Birthday.

As I was saying, I got a shopping treat from PENSHOPPE. They spoiled me last February 21 with my sibling. Loved the feeling when it’s free. Bwahahaha!

I ♥ GenSan by Jollibee; photo taken during Tuna Festival here in GenSan after I and my friends ate at Pioneer branch of Jollibee while waiting for the Float parade to start.

Blowing and popping condom balloons last year while waiting for the program at my back to start. Condoms are c/o from our new colleague that time who worked at GenSan City Health Center.

I and my baby Rap-rap, this was during his 1st birthday celebration, I brought him at the disco bar.

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