Road Trip: Super Exhausted; Creepy Monday

8:41 PM

After going online, my sibling knocked on my door early this morning around 3am, telling me to prepare 'cause we will be heading to Buluan Province early this morning, so I did. Havent get any sleep yet nor food to intake. I just brush my teeth and have some mouthwash cleanser. Little by little things sinked in into my mind knowing the place Buluan is the place where Mangundadatu and Amptuan had a war scened before. Now isn't it something that not just creep you but make you scream? hahaha Yeah, but still, I just think that come what may, just wanna go there to explore. Thought this could be an awesome and exciting day, bad sad to say it wasn't. I guess got nothing to say more about the things that happened today but just wanna share some photos for you taken while we're on-the-go instead.

While waiting for our car to arrive. Bored much with [from left] Justin, Gem and Betchai.

On our way to Marbel, South Cotabato. Heat wave blazing the road.

Marbel, South Cotabato busy road with their official public transpo, we call it "trisikad". Trivia: Marbel is celebrating T'Nalak Festival now till July 18.

Stop over. Behind me is Marbel Bus station.

Arrived at ARMM [Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao] DepEd.

Round ball of Tacurong before hitting the place of Sultan Kudarat.

Welcome to Sultan Kudarat.

Round ball of Marbel, South Cotabato.

Got only few photos from our trip this day, got bored taking picture, since we're riding.

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