Things I loved and the Party Down South; Amo na ya!

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The event just ended but the party never ends as T'nalak Festival spirit to people of South Cotabato remain reigns in their hearts. The bliss is overflowing; it is indeed unending. T'nalak Festival been through awesome success every year and this year was another shot. How evident it was because of the numerous count of the people so as the tourist from different parts of the country; others came from around the globe. South Cotabato did not fail its visitors as they showcased T'nalak Festival to the highest level; booming with great music, colorful surrounding, creative feast theme, awesome contest participants and etc... above all everything was fantabulous.

I've been going back and forth to  South Cotabato  for many times since it is just more or less an hour travel away from General Santos. I even witnessed how Fitmart of Marbel turned into Grand Gaisano; local artist heat up and blaze their complex; evolution of life and little by little growing industry they have. My stay is guiltless and I'll never get tired of gearing up myself going back to South Cotabato again.

T'nalak is one of the festivals South Cotabato has and it is said as one of the biggest and most colorful event every year. This is in commemoration of the foundation anniversary of the province. 

This was taken during my road trip with friends heading to Sultan Kudarat last July 16, I just drop by to breathed and feel the festive aura South Cotabato has. 

At my back is Marbel Bus Terminal

I attended the event for many times but failed to be part of this year 13th T'nalak Festival for the reason of having priorities in life prior to the event but wanted to share to you how happy the feast itself before and for sure the fun elevates to its peak now.

Last year 2011 T'nalak Festival

I'm actually in love with the places and to tell you how fantastic to be in heaven like this; I will share the 15 things I like the most about going to South Cotabato; including T'nalak Festival.

1. Culture: preserved ethnic groups protected by the local government that still marking the history. Going back and forth at South Cotabato awakened me from this kind of small group we still have existing nowadays. I even got the chance of meeting and being with some of them. B'laan and T'boli are the 2 majority tribes we have inside the SC premises to name some. Uplifting the rich native culture. This T'nalak came from this living treasures of the country.

2.Wonders: the lake itself and the most famous 7 Dongon Waterfalls that captivate and entice all tourists/travellers who visit the place. Experience unique moment while enjoying your meal at floating restaurant at the lake of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, not to mention try boating and fishing as well. Note: Lake Sebu is the Summer Capital of the South.

First waterfall of the  7 Dongon Waterfalls.

3. Adventures: breathtaking adventures like mountain climbing, hiking and being clanged in Philippines longest zipline; a gravity defying experience. This will surely satisfy your adrenaline rush; a breathtaking bird's eye view of 3 waterfalls. Water Zorbing at Cresta Del Rio

4. Spots: Princess Museum, native handmade products stores, Tupi Tarsier Sanctuary. Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park, Punta Isla floating Restaurant, Durian Garden.

Durian Garden Atbp. this is at Polomolok, South Cotabato, just along the national highway

5. People: got lot of friends at South Cotabato and they're all have a heart that is truly benovelont, soft spoken and hospitable though South Cotabato people has diverse heritages.

My friends from South Cotabato, particularly from Marbel

6. Education: no need to contest about the learning for it is standard like what we have in the metro; the students as well are indeed competitive.

7. Landmarks: Marbel round ball, Surallah round ball, Lake Sebu, Community Museum, Lantaw Marbel, MT. Matutum and Koronadal Valley.

I took this while riding
8.  Climate: cold breeze every morning that seems cloaking you with love. August - December are the coolest months in South Cotabato, while it heats up on April to May during summer.

9. Social Life: night life bar and other party zone will set the fire from different corners of South Cotabato.

10. Crime Rate: this is one of the most important thing I like going to South Cotabato, the ZERO crime rate though sometimes it has but that is so minimal and often to happen.

11. Foods: well I don't give  doubt on this but I'll bet you to try what South Cotabato has in terms of foods; from fresh tilapia, vegetables and yummy fruits.

12. Accent: nothing can beat the South Cotabateños accent, well honestly its cute and I love listening to it that seems like a hymn.

13. Festivals: aside from celebrating the biggest T'nalak festival, South Cotabato has many more to show to people and I witnessed some of the festivals like Lemlunay Festival, Flom'lok Festival and Kamayadan Festival to name some.

I performed and choreographed Flom'lok Festival during College Days -Festivals Competition at HTCGSC

14. T'nalak Festival: annual celebration every second week of July, it celebrate the rich and colorful culture South Cotabato has. I always loved watching street dance competition.

15. Sun Signal: improved signal of Sun Cellular, gearing up and covering not only South Cotabato but the whole Mindanao as well. No worry for having out of coverage 'cause with Sun Cellular what matter most is the consumer demands.

I've been to these places mentioned above and it is really nice going there for it is indeed more fun in South Cotabato as they bring not just joy but satisfaction to all who come and keep visiting the place. I, myself admit that I can't wait with excitement to be part of 14th T'nalak Festival next year. South Cotabato beauty and T'nalak festival celebration is beyond description.

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