Bond Day with Timmy!

3:16 AM
We clashed yet we end up as friends! Hahaha Just giving an honest intro since from HS to College some of our friends compared us on all our ways and even put us into faced of battling from each other. We don't have hurt feelings maybe Timmy has but not me. LOL I don't want to post an entry too serious since I started this with bliss and bless full day with God.

Ahead of time I already talked to my friends about today's event yet they just told me that they will be attending to as sure as mine. When the day come I texted them to come over with me; by the way the event is the Mindanao Cosplay Summit at SM GenSan with Alodia Gosiengfiao as special guest/judge but no one wants for the reason of being busy.... trololol! it's Sunday! So I sent a sms to Timmy instead if he can come with me. We agreed and got closed deal. Hahaha Like business since I don't want to left myself hanging again.

He's like a girl to be fetched up on their home; I did for assurance. hahaha that's me! LOL We arrived at SM GenSan 1pm and waited for two hours before the event start; no sitting though. Now I'm suffering from cramps.

When the cosplay competition got started the only that popped up mind is to see Mr. Cute again. I used to call him that way for being the unknown and he is really indeed cute. I saw him last time about a week ago at SM GenSan as well when they're touring around wearing their costumes, I'm with Jigs that time.

Not my intention to blurred his colleagues, I just don't want them on the picture. hahaha By then that becomes my assignment; to hunt him! Kilig much!

Fast Forward:

I saw him again and he wore another costumed. Loved it. while Timmy and I watching my sense weren't on the stage but on my side sensing where did Mr. Cute go? Hayz! Every time I speak about him I ran out of words and became stupid on everything. haha  So today is the day, as I've said I saw him again and took another chance of taking photo with him. This time around he no longer Mr. Cute or the unknown but Alex Emmanuelle. oh gosh! He's killing me! hahaha

Anyway, so much for that after Timmy and I watched Cosplay competition we headed to Karate Kid; the yummy ever food of Karate Kid fullfil our craved. Pigging out with Timmy was fantabulous.

We ordered, I forgot. hahaha I forgot what are the names of those yummy food but 1 thing I hate the most ... WASABI! Gosh you almost killed me!

After we ate, tour the whole SM and went to Oval Plaza to roam around the place and absorb the festive aura of Tuna Feast. Imagine we took photos while we're on the grass sitting.using not phone, not camera but literally laptop. hahaha

We talked dirty little secrets then went back home right after. That ends our day!

Seems that I don't speak too much on Timmy and I bonding but on Alex instead. hahaha Thats fine, I'm tired and KILIG! hahaha
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