Perky Yellow Thursday with Bumble Bee

5:40 PM
Rushed and haggard indeed this yellow Thursday but I make it to the point to see myself being bubbly and perky. Well just to absorb the positivity and ease the problems I have now that's trying to kill me yet I reigned supreme and remain unbeatable because I have a great optimistic outlook in life. So much for this drama since I started my day tipsy and sleepy. LOL.

Last night we went out with friends at Bodega Bar to have some couple of drinks and do the Chillin Wednesday night after having a literally long day of work. We had fun there and as I've said we went back home tipsy and "kalerqui" LOL!

Early morning yesterday got a blessings and sms my friends for a treat. Before heading my way at SM GenSan to treat my friends I drop at Robinsons Place Smart Communication Center to pay my bill this month; thank Gods it wasn't as big as expected. After bill being paid, my next stop is SM but did not meet my friends yet because I head up to BDO office to drop some cash. Yeah yesterday was a bill wasted day.

Fast forward, my friends and I met at Red Ribbon at SM GenSan. We head upstairs at the 2nd floor to roam around at the same time go to SM Cinema and watch Bourne Legacy. While on our way at the second floor we saw Bumble Bee right in front of Toy Kingdom entrance; I grab the chance of taking photo with him. Cute right? much cute if you see him in person.

After taking some souvenir with Bumble Bee, we straight ahead and saw SURPLUS store. Planning to blog about the store yet I realize I just wear short and shirt; a typical and literally for home outfit only. Sorry for the photo since we're scared of taking pics since store guard is kinda killing us with his fierce eyes. Maybe next time when surplus allow me to do so.

I really like the store because of its aura and literally welcoming to everyone. Its simplicity captured the hearts of Generals. Note; were hiding our iPad every time we take photos. hahaha

What I commend about Surplus is that they have this cool and awesome items in a less value. Very affordable. Planning to buy one sweater next time since we're already in rush during that time.

I was about to buy that black shoes when a friend of mine Jules take a pic and saw Mr. Guard watching over us. The man in black jacket is Jigs who also wants to buy the shoes yet we ended up with nothing. hahaha Next time I'll make sure to blog SURPLUS  properly and take some photos professionally.

Upon arriving at the cinema, we got to the point of having a famished tummy; so we head back down and eat at Jollibee.

After we ate, went back at the cinema and watch Bourne Legacy.

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