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All your money needs someplace to be kept safe, but you obviously do not want to go strutting around town with an ugly safe on your back like a rich hunchback …And that is exactly why they’ve invented stylish wallets like the Aluma Wallets . I've been touring around the web when I just accidentally saw a flooded feed on my timeline from a friend. A little curiosity of checking it out. It's a promo from DealAmigos Philippines Facebook Page. It is really a stranger on me what DealAmigos all about since I don't give my trust easily on web pages we're somehow of scam thingy happens. Just striking a little kick on my part, I joined the Like, Share contest on their page though joining of contest online is not new for me however I know to whom to give my attention to; I guess DealAmigos is one of those.

Lets have a quick knowledge on what DealAmigos is...

Having been launched only on 31 January 2012, is an upstart, aggressive, HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL and fast rising group buying website with a mission to create triple WIN situations for the merchants, voucher buyers and the Company itself which is 100% Filpino-owned. This triple WIN management philosophy reflects DealAmigos’ consistent adherence to the highest level of ethical and work standards, integrity, fairness, honesty and transparency in all its business dealings.

Evidently, this management philosophy is paying off. Six months after launch on 31 January 2012, DealAmigos is now ranked by Alexa as eighth in terms of internet traffic. This is a phenomenal feat for an upstart, 100% Filipino-owned group buying website as those from the topmost to the seventh spots (and even most of those below the 8th ranking) are way ahead of DealAmigos by years.

Being part of the biggest growing number of online buying groups DealAmigos sustain its name as one of the legit store that provide great deals.

Before keeping myself in touch about DealAmigos; I'll give you a brief review about DealAmigos sent over right at my doorstep the Aluma Wallets as I've mentioned above. DealAmigos  Philippines gave me 2 wallets which I happily appreciated upon receiving it.

I received 2 wallets with colors Black and Blue.

Have an old, overstuffed wallet that’s hard to fit in your pockets or handbag? Need a better way to hold on to your money and cards? Get the new Aluma Wallet! This aluminum wallet is light weight, slim, water resistant and completely indestructible! Designed for everyone, Aluma Wallet will safely and securely hold your items.

The interior of the wallet is plastic with accordion style, expandable sleeves. 

The Aluma Wallet can be used by both men and women. It is made from cast aluminum alloy and designed like an accordion. It keeps your credit card safe from thieves who are using Radio Frequency Identification Scanners (RFID). This wallet has the dimensions to accommodate so many things like your: identification cards, club cards, cash photos, credit cards and others. It’s the type of wallet that is practical to use every day of the week. Using the Aluma Wallet makes it easier for you to organize all its contents without difficulty. The Aluma Wallet is small but it features an easy touch latch that holds your cards and cash securely. Because of its small and compact size, it is not noticeable. You can slip it easily to your pants and take it out without much effort.

...and its a wrap.

Check out DealAmigos facebook page: DealAmigos Philippines
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