Lady Gaga is Gaga on her Freaky Outfits!

8:46 PM
Others misjudged her but she keep on proving to the world that she is just Lady Gaga and she is born that way!Our entire life trying to fit it seems to be the only thing we want. Until we find the day, or the person, who shows us how being different liberates us and brings progression to life. She is not just wearing the fashion but she is setting the fashion from its peak exceed till beyond; she believe no limitation.

Honestly I don't get it how or why should she wore such outfits that not only became a head turner but a masterpiece that bothers the world. LOL I know she is an icon, but why Lady Gaga? Still loved the way your dress but sometimes or many times you get yourself over-dressed.

I think she don't dress to impress but express! Not only doing these for fashion but also every she has concerts.

Lady Gaga has always been a center of world attention. By the action stage full of concepts and styles that make women’s clothes are more on recalls and has always been a topic of news in some media.

It's pretty awesome having Lady Gaga around

[Photo credited to the owner and the web]

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