Zalora Philippines: Man, what's your fashion?

8:37 PM

Don't be dull and make yourself unnoticeable, make some statement with your bestest look that can capture attention; be a head turner not just an ordinary setter. For some, wearing something cool with a little bit swag satisfy their comforts that feels them on the go for a daily basis but what they lack on make a trend is the note of making their usual fashion turned into a colorful fashion maker yet still remain it's simplicity and style; and of course the masculinity of the looks is still there because that's the important thing that cannot be taken away to a man.

It's typical for men to wear black or white and the like; other wear grey and so am I because it is a great color simply for it's ability to be versatile and coordinate with so many other colors. But it's only advice able to wear something spice like wearing something bright and eye catching.

[photo credit to urbangent]

While wearing bold and bright colors may seem like more of a girl thing to some, boys can do it to. I just implore you to do it in a more studious and conscious way. Don't just throw on a bunch of colors, mix a bold color with a neutral. Make your bold or bright color unexpected… all navy suit, with bright orange brogues -or- neutral base (top and bottom) with a bright colored jacket.

The style from basic to a more young modern style is just an option but if you just want to be on the middle there is literally a vast items to choose; just know your fashion.

A touch of formal fashion for business field. Don't just let yourself look so boring while having a full work load on your office; be cool and a guy to look up to.

You can wear whatever you want formal or not, preppy or swag, whatever it is you can wear it as long as you are conformatble and it is from ZALORA PHILIPPINES. Zalora is the biggest online store where over 10k brands to choose from. Shop now and get discount by using code below upon checkout.

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