Craves is OVER; Kalinath Wine & Dine

7:08 AM
Atlas the craved I got that kills my soul just ended for I drown myself with food and drugs. I never imagined myself to pigged out this much since last 2009 after I spoiled myself for 2 hours of nonstop eating.  A friend of mine witnessed how awkward it was; somehow embarrassed after reminiscing it now.

Anyway, bear with me flippers since I forgot to bring my camera that's why I take photos using laptop camera. The cafe has its on free internet area where 3 units are ready for surfing.

My sibling is fixing up himself for a sneak out, without hesitation I ask him if possible to go with him then he said Yes!. I only changed my top while just wearing pajama and to note we'll be heading to a restaurant.

We headed up to a newly opened store where you can find great things about foods on its available price. This restaurant/cafe seems like maintaining its cozy-ness. Can actually compete from others yet people will loved them 'cause they what they so called "affordable"; the KALINATH Wine & Dine.

These past few days, I've been craving to lot of foods and badly wanted to eat some yet the long wait is over tonight. We went to Kalinath around quarter off to 11pm. We went back home after 8 hours; imagine how long did I stay at Kalinath and just sit at the corner eating.

I ordered in order:

Ripe Mango Shake
Buffalo Chicken
Fries (kinda big french fries)
Lasagna (again, my 2nd plate)
Coca-Cola (80z)
Fries (2nd plate)
Shabu Shabu
Shabu Shabu (2nd bowl)
Banana Creeps with Vanilla Cream
...and many more!

This is the Ripe Mango Shake!

Kat and I on the left  while she's serving my Fries which photo on the right.

My breakfast! haha the super sweet Banana creeps with vanilla cream.
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