Pinoy Tiangge: Bid to Win!

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Shopping online is my other way of getting things on my comfort and on its most convenient ways. Aside from being a blogger I do also indulged in the field of online selling and one of the buyers as well, as being mentioned above. These past few days I'm encountering some sites giving away free points wherein you can use to shop on their stores yet not as much as others that you would love it since instead of making their hidden charges hidden... it's clearly visible on their system. Must say that they've got good shop but not good software. This is reality and very alarming to us that's why I don't give my trust on stores that much for I have to secure not just myself but my funds as well invested on the said matter. So, know what everything is before getting involved.

On the other hand for not long ago; I saw this online store that tied my interest to them. They're unlike any other store that you just have to buy the item and have it your own upon checking out; there's a little twist here that you should know. They have the bid to win system; just like an auction, you have to bid the price before you can purchased as yours. This article is meant to give appraisal on something that works not just by words.

Without further a do the one I'm talking about is Pinoy Tiangge.

What is Pinoy Tiangge?

Pinoy Tiangge is Philippines premiere one-stop website for auction, bidding, buy and sell, group buying, free advertising, practical business information, and so much more especially made for Pinoy! Our motto, We make your PISO count!

Where did Pinoy Tiangge came from?

Pinoy loves to go to Tiangge to save and get discounts from bulk and special orders. That's why we develop an online platform for Pinoy where they can do it online, without leaving the comforts of their own home, office desk or wherever they are right now.

What is the Goal of Pinoy Tiangge?

For Pinoy to have what they want in most affordable and practical price and information as possible.

For Pinoy to have a one-of-a-kind and easy experience when it comes to getting the things they want at the most affordable price as possible and finding useful information.

What is the Vision of Pinoy Tiangge

To be the world's number one online social portal for Pinoy!

What is the Mission of Pinoy Tiangge

Our mission is to develop a global online platform where Pinoy can connect in one community, trade on the best products, connect on great ideas and data, and be informed on latest news and information.

How do you signup with Pinoy Tiangge?

Registration is easy. Click here

Is Pinoy Tiangge registered?

Yes, it is registered under Philippine by laws under the name of ICircle Corp. 16 Lands Street, Brgy Vasra, Quezon City, Philippines. TIN Number: 008-014-872-000

How does Pinoy Tiangge works?

Simply register at our site. As soon as registered, you may start to post your Free Ads, Bid on items and scout for lifestyle items at bargain prices in our Group buying section.

What are the features of Pinoy Tiangge?

There are Pinoy Tiangge Icons or what we can Pinoy Tiangge Features (PTF). Each feature has its own service for Pinoy.
  • iBid Pinoy - Get up to 99% off on the latest gadgets, services, bags, shoes, and a whole lot more!
  • Post your Free Ads - Have your ads be seen by almost 1M site members
  • Be An EntrePinoy - Do you want the latest information on business? Get updated here!
  • Pinoy Deals - Buying in bulk will always ensure cheaper prices. Find the most amazing offers here.
  • Forum - Got something to say? This is a free country Pinoy. Air out your opinions in our Forums section!
Do you want to give feedback, or do you have suggestions and inquiries?

Email us at and we will take our service to improve more our website for you!

How to get Started?
  1. Register an account.
  2. Use you bids or buy bids. (You can get extra 5 free bids when you register a verified account)
  3. Find an item that you like and placed you bid.
  4. Be the last bidder when the time finishes and boom you WIN!
You have to bid fast though before you run out of time. Well this will actually raise up to the highest level your adrenaline rush. For first timers you'll be guided accordingly. Next, you're highly encourage to start bidding in a Beginner's Auction, which you can only do once, that consists of more Bid Packs. You then start using your purchased bids to try to get another Bid Pack. If you happen to win it, great—but there's more work to be done. A Beginner’s Auction is an auction open for bidding to members who have not yet won any item. iBID gives chances to those members who have been bidding for sometime but have not yet won an item.

Don't worry about the payment for your purchases. Pinoy Tiangge accepts payments via:

M Lhuillier
American Express

Visit their pages and sites to know about them and how to deal at Pinoy Tiangge:




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