Random Girl at SM Megamall; REVEALED!

One of our Giveaway winner here particularly Manels Shopping Treat - Zendee Rose became the famous Random Girl at SM Megamall after she showed her singing prowess to everyone. She's now preparing song pieces for her upcoming guesting at GMA 7 shows. We would like to extend our congratulations to your success from your Pages Flipper family.


Everyone was amazed how this Random Girl give a blast singing "And I Am Telling You" (a signature tune from the Broadway musical). Shoppers took time listening and watching her blazed with passion in singing. She mesmerize the shoppers with her voice.

I personally watched the video after it was being posted on Zendee's tumblr since I'm one of her followers as she is as well on mine. It was right after the video being posted on YouTube. By that she killed me with goosebumps.  Later awhile never did we I imagined that the video was already linking itself to other pages around the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The YouTube video was being posted Yuan Juan who was one of the shopper during that day at SM Megamall last July 28, 2012. I saw this before with only less than 10 viewers but now unexpectedly it reached 180,000 views and still counting. Isn't it awesome?

Since the video only captured the back part of the girl, it then became unknown to online community who she really is and who really is the random girl behind this fanatabulous video.

Let us meet Random Girl a.k.a. Zendee Rose Tenerefe:

Zendee is a graduate of BS Information Technology at STI-GenSan and a proud scholar of our very own World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao and according to her computer world is her passion. She even designed my tumblr page and am thankful to that. Zendee is indeed a very passionate girl and I quote..

"I love photography,music and reading any forums in"www".Everyday I am tumblin,updating facebook and Plurk.well, its a part of my daily routine,Maybe you are confused why I keep posting love thingy/ love qoutes. yea im inlove, just ask me"

...she was born on June 21, 1991. Zendee is a soft spoken girl with a benevolent heart and has a big love to kids.

[we both love baby SID]

Zendee was GenSan first Pop Idol, and being invited to different events around the city. she also performed with other national stars and got the privileged to sing every PacMan's events.

X Factor Phillipines journey:

Upon reading comments, majority failed to see Zendee at the X Factor were in fact shes part of the lucky people who made it to the boot camp. Zendee auditioned here in GenSan and later got a call from X Factor PH management that she made it to compete in Davao.

This video is her audition piece here in GenSan for X-Factor to compete in Davao.

She then made it to Davao City audition with the X Factor mentors/judges.

Zendee made it to the boot camp but unlucky she only passed 'till the first level of the competition in the boot camp stage.

Though her journey ended during the boot camp yet a bigger door now opens to her widely.

Fast Forward:

Zendee was overwhelmed with response of netizens who watched the videos and in fact her bliss was so evident on her sms she sent me.

Friend Notes;

As a friend, I am very happy for her and knowing the things happened to her before this door of fame being opened must say that she is now not just a girl but a woman with strong personality yet her sole still adherring itself to the ground. I have only 1 wish for her and this to have a more bountiful life ahead.

I'm a proud AMEGA(friend)!