Awesome Day at SM GenSan!

7:52 PM
After 3 days of opening weekend; SM GenSan still reigning supreme here in the heart of Generals for the warmest welcome they keep showing to them. I can't even believe that after three days though SM is indeed the widest Mall in GenSan still it cannot handle the mass number of punters.

Had this afternoon my 2nd time visit at the mall with a friend. Actually not our plan to drop by but since we're already in the area we got the opportunity to roam around together. As expected since the mall just opened some tenant stores weren't open yet but rushing themselves to open soon as they posted some deets regarding their opening of a specific store just like this photo below; this image in tarp block the construction behind and soon to open on September. The name of the store is above the opening date to keep the shoppers posted. Liked this idea that seems you're in a photo museum or gallery.

While touring around ourselves, I took some photos from different angles showing how the mob reacts on this very first SM Mall in South Cotabato. SM also prepared a list of stars that geared up themselves to entertain not only the people of GenSan but also the people of the nearby places like Alabel, Marbel and Polomolok to name some.

We keep entertaining ourselves 'till we end up having a famished tummy so we decided to hunt some food stores aside from SM Food Court to eat what we craved. There are a lot to choose from like Jollibee, Max, Chowking, Greenwich, Antonio’s Grill, Krabby Patty Crabs & Steaks, Mandarin Tea Garden, Tatak Nadie’s Chicken, Mang Inasal, KFC, Classic Savory and a lot more but all these stores told us that they can no longer provide chairs and tables for us; fully loaded. We both got no choice so we end up at SM Food Court.

We ate at the food court yet the prize is just you're eating in a resto though. Small serve is about 110 but would like to commend their wifi signal... so fast! 3G is also working good in the area.

After we ate we head down at the ground floor of the mall since the food area is at the 2nd floor to tour again. While were having a convo we spotted a group of cosplayer in the area and grab the chance of taking photos with them. They're not the only cosplayers at SM, some of their groups we're enjoying at Al Freco Strip with other shoprats.

After getting a photo souvenir with the cosplayers we decided to go back home. We passed through the area of Al Freco Strip as photo shown below. Al Freco Strip is at the back part heading to mall 5 floors parking lot. Al Freco Strip is the event area of the mall aside from the atrium they have inside the mall. Awesome fountains entertained the kids so as to all people present in the area.

Thank God they have elevators at their parking lot. Funny thing we almost forgot where in third floor we parked our car.

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