What is "ЯR Fusion 101"?

10:17 PM
ЯR Fusion 101

Maybe you are wondering why I posted this but I just want you to know that this is a sneak peek on what would be my new blog looks like but why should I have to create a new one if I have this one(Pages Flipper) already?

Just recently I got a talked from a friend and we came up into a decision of doing business online but we're on the process on how to make it more pleasing and persuading. We already have our products and it is indeed originally made by my friend's company. The products will be reveal soon; for now we are working on the samples of the items.

We are now on the process of finalizing all the requirements needed on this business before putting this on table to serve you. We are also making this very convenient to everyone to create a less hassle and enjoyable shopping experience. Since we are just about to start this, we will surely give a blast first before blasting this store on fire. Again this is not just an ordinary blog but a shop as well.

Well to give you a formal background on what this all about here's a quick preview through FAQ.

ЯR Fusion 101 is a blog and a shop in one but not only that because this blog will also deal with fashion and review like I use to in Pages Flipper. This is friendly shop that will not only cater the needs of the consumer but for the sake of the readers as well. This blog/shop has its own personal domain.

Who own the blog/shop?

Yours truly own the blog and will do all the posts and interactions that will happen on it but not only me is literally owning the shop or the business happening inside ЯR Fusion 101 since it is a collaboration of my friend and I.

What to expect on the blog/shop?

Expect the unexpected since we don't settle for less. We always find great things for you.

Can other store indulge in this blog/shop?

Yes! I will personally allow other online stores to advertise their products in my blog/shop as long as they're not competing against our products. We also need friendly competition here and partnership. Friendly competition is good but I find it awkward if we are going to sell items from other online stores if we, ourselves and our store itself has the same items. First come first serve.
Full details about this will be posted on the blog/shop itself.

What are the possible prices of the products you are selling?

This will depend on item we are selling, you will be guided since we are going to put details on the said items as well as its price and other information that can give importance to it.

Do you accept re-sellers?

On our items, YES!

How much would be the shipping fee?

For now we don't have any figure to provide for you but looking forward to serve you with a lesser sf or better have it for free but still depends on our market. Note: If we have shipping fee that will depend on the weight of your order.

We also have Terms and Conditions for this for you to know and all rights of this blog/shop is under my palm.
Some questions maybe answered when we already launched the blog/shop.
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