Tanduay First 5 rocks GenSan!

3:27 AM
Tandauy first 5 concerts were 5 bands in one concerts event. As you guys may or may not know, Tanduay is now on their 4th year producing the Tanduay First 5 Featuring Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar, Rico Blanco, Wolfgang, Urbandub!

It's my first time to witness this annual event and couldn't afford to missed it. So ahead of time I contacted some friends to reserved tickets for me and my friends.

Bare with me guys, these are just photo clips since I advised myself to not to capture more photos so I can focus on the said concert. Hahaha sorry also for the late post since I was thinking twice of posting it. I don't do photo blogging; I somehow post photos but only relevant on the text or the topic I am discussing about. These clips are credited to my neighbor who's on the said event as well with me.

These 5 bands did not failed us as they satisfied the adrenalin rushing through our veins. I can't even imagined how I rock in the middle of too crowded mob. I enjoy the night, I enjoyed everything.

5 bands perform in order:

Rico Blanco
Parokya ni Edgar

Before each band performs, a VTR is flashed on the big screen with band story on how they started as a group and what and who were their inspirations.

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