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If you've ever wondered what's the best way to transfer money to the Philippines, look no further. nTrust is a startup with a mission to “change the way online transactions are done”. Even the language they use differs from normal transaction-level services. When you sign up for a free nTrust account and create your profile, you become a “citizen” of the nTrust Nation, not a “customer” nor an “account owner”. As a citizen, you can build a “neighborhood;” a real-life social network of family and friends. That makes sending money fast and easy.

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Worried and tired of waiting for queues? Let me tell you how this worry comes to its end as nTrust came to town to ease these burden we are suffering from standing for long hours just to get what we wanted. We are now in a new generation and we must live up in this new and more equipped world. Take a deep breath and see how all of these will vanish in just a blink of an eye by nTrust.

This photo was taken at SM GenSan while people lining up to pay their bills, this was very alarming since everyone is dying and has a disability of dealing long lines and queues. "When will be this line be ended" others uttered while on their line. Apart from that others already scattered from their line just to demand more counters. I chose this scene since I need to awaken everyone that there's a solution on every problem such like this and that is nTrust. We can put an end on this. If you want to avoid long line-ups go to

Aside from being a blogger I also enjoy being an online buyer and seller. Having said that, I always  did the transactions online but made the payments through banks and it's much of a hassle. I need to go out to the bank and accept or deposit cash to finish the transactions. nTrust is an eye opening to me which made me notice that there's more to just doing things manually. This is because transactions can be made and finished with by just moving my fingertips for nTrust finishes transactions in an instant!

Doing all transactions with my fingertips. Worrying less of going out 'cause I can tour the world with just a click away. Sending and receiving remittance now, is just a piece of cake. This is what people aim for. A hassle-free and a more convenient way of doing not just business but also taking care of the money citizens are sending and receiving. The in and out transactions might be risky like from other online sites but with nTrust; it's transparency kills all your worries. So if I were you, choose nTrust!

I guess it's not just obvious that what I'm talking about here is nTrust and how it works. Plus the emphasis that what we want here is something that works. I'm not asking you to give it a try but to give it a shot; for sure you'll never regret in getting in touch with them. Many people compare nTrust as Paypal or Western Union and the like but what they don't know that beyond sending and receiving money is its ability to make all transaction in a smoother manner, safer and 100% guaranteed satisfaction giver to all its citizens.

Without further ado let me tell you how it works for you to get started. nTrust is the quickest way to send/receive money of any amount and of any currency for FREE. Anywhere. Anytime.  

nTrust makes sure that aside from doing great business online they also have an easy way to access them. You can click the photo to get started or the photo below. Either of the two pictures will redirect you to the nTrust sign up page to get started as I've said or you keep reading for you to know where to go and what to do. After you sign up, an activation link will be sent to your email; upon clicking the link you'll be re-directed to the site and you will be guided step by step. In order for you to do the transactions, complete your Profile information to a 100%. Completing your account to 100% gives you an easy access to nTrust entire page. The NEIGHBORS are your family and friends and people you would like to do business to. This makes it easy and quick to send money to those you deal with often no matter where they are in the world. From your Neighbors List you can send money instantly or view your transaction history.

Remit money to the Philippines. How to transfer money to the Philippines.
Send money to the Philippines. It's really not as difficult as how your think it is.

Manage your profile, as stated above you have to complete your account to 100% for you to explore and be interactive in the site to your neighbors. By managing your profile be considerate on these points: Profile, Referrals, Accounts, Notifications and Neighbors; you will be guided regarding those mentioned points.

The photo below is where your money and transaction made and that is under your VAULT where you have to keep these things noted:

From putting money into your vault, sending, exchanging, or taking money out — this is where it all happens.

Cash Accounts
See the balances on all your currencies. Dive deeper to see the history of each transaction.

nTrust Citizen Cash Card
Manage your cash card within this pane. See the balance and history of loads.

Your actions load different functions such as viewing statements and performing transactions.

Transaction is FREE and this is its best offer to all nTrust citizens.

All you need is an email address of the recipient, even if the receiver is not a nTrust citizen, nTrust will provide a link so that the recipient can join nTrust and be able to receive the money. Then the receiver becomes your neighbor.

Before I forget,  unlike others nTrust has a special cash card that gives you the freedom outside, anywhere, worldwide. It functions as an ATM and a cash card where Mastercard is accepted. You can get this by request on your VAULT page.

So what are you waiting for join us now and register to create your own account. Lot of things awaits you; just click "JOIN" photo to get started.
NOTE: nTrust is not only via web, nTrust is accessible on smart phones, iPad, and Android too!

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