A new YOU! My Blog New Look!

2:18 AM
Hi flippers!

Well, I know its late now but just finished doing my blog new look, actually it's not finish yet since there are some things to fix well specially the design itself. From black background to a new white design; I felt much contented and happy while my eyes on it staring. At first I really don't know to start fixing it since I'm afraid on what might happened to my blog. Totally freakin' out if ever something wrong happened; badly don't know how to do it.

The Research:

Funny isn't it to be a trying hard but I am proud of the learning I learned doing research on how to look good one's blog is. I read a lot of online tutorial and the like. I even watched videos on youtube just to come up with this awesomeness though it's not as awesome as other but as a beginner like me and totally don't have any knowledge on doing web design... I guess it's a hell of an achievement to have a result like this right?

The Observation:

Call me a copycat but I'm not! I did not copy any designs... I just copy how they do it. hahaha at least that's different from copying.. call it a cheat. LOL I viewed some of the creative bloggers who are totally hired web designers just to look their blog beautiful and pleasing. Well, at least I try to look mine as one.

The Help:

Well I have to give credits to people who help me fixing my blog. First and foremost God for guiding me and for opening my mind with creativity to not end up my blog appearance being ruined with messy things. To Abigail Enaje for providing my blog header; she actually give me lot of designs to choose from. Thank you so much girl. To Rhyndyll Faye, local morning show host/fashion blogger/friend of mine who gave her critique about my design. Shes not done yet giving her comments since she wants me to finished the whole blog first. To Regine my number fan; haha I love you girl.

Trying Hard:

I guess there is nothing wrong being a trying hard as a web designer though I don't consider myself as one 'cause I really am not. Maybe what is important here now is the result of my hard work. Isn't it?

The Bottomline:

Be happy with the result 'cause it's a way better than before and what I did is great as beginner.

I'll end this post by sharing to you the header designs of Abigail she gave me. Again, thank you so much!

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

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