Hot Day without PC!

11:03 PM
My dad always wanted me to stop from going online more often so he finds way on how to. He went on my uncle's residence and came back home super late yesterday with a; I don't know if it is or not a bad news but my uncle said according to my dad he want to see me. I think twice to before giving my approval to him. I don't have a choice then after my mom scolded me and forced me to visit my uncle.

Early this morning my dad wake me up to prepare myself; gearing up to head at my uncle's residence. We're watching television and saw how rain and floods ruin NCR. I don't get the point of how ironic it was to see heavy rains at Luzon while Mindanao is suffering from the scorching sun rays.

On our way to my uncles home which is 40 minutes travel away from ours... I missed already the online world. too bad for having this day without PC.

Photo captured inside public motorcycle in GenSan my family at the back! Bored during the journey.

Heat wave at my uncle's residence!

My nephew at the corner side of the lawn.

Snack time prepared by the house caretaker.

Saw this cute puppy underneath the table so my sibling gave her lollipop to sucked; she actually enjoying it.

I end up my day reading this book "To Kill a Mockingbird" this book actually came from Georgina Wilson after winning her contest on twitter sponsored by Fully Booked.
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