Images that made my Day!

4:10 PM
I really don't know why for having this day not in the mood. I kept entertaining myself by the things around me but I end up pissing myself even more. So much anxious filled and badly surrounded me. Hope I'll be back to normal and well fine.

On the other hand while making myself busy; I surf online and gladly found a page that only talks about the Philippines - When In Manila. The page made my day because of its humorous photos on its album.

Here just want to share to you some of the photos I crazily laugh out loud. The 2 last photos are epic. 

Magnum is so expensive for 50 SRP. So instead of buying Magnum, mag-inum nalang. hahaha

Thank God I'm not the birthday celebrant because if that really happens to me... walk out for sure.

This one is epic, I don't like reading conyo words and the like but this one outrageously rolled me with laughter

Give and take. Want to draw kangaroo also so I have something for Shane.

Well now I'm so much better because of the things that makes me more blissful and blessed.
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