Not just like an Ordinary Day!

2:57 AM
This day is indeed tiring and seems that its pulling my energy to its lowest level. Just an ordinary day, we went at the supermarket to buy foods, then off to mall to drop some donations for flood victims in NCR. I guess donating is the only special thing I did today nothing more.

Late afternoon my uncle called us to invite on his party. We came late with my sibling wearing the same shirt design but different colors. We became head turner on the said party which we both expect. My cousin's husband is a photographer in Belgium; so he keep his lense on us. We stayed for not too long since its really getting late.

On our way home, we ride in a public vehicle, while heading the national highway a drunk man from nowhere ride in. The driver dropped him at the nearby university in our city. Before going down the vehicle, the drunk man sung "itsy bitsy itsy itsy" and he then laughed. Funny 'cause me and my sibling wore polka dotted shirts and his song came from "ITSY BITSY, TEENIE WEENIE, YELLOW POLKA-DOT BIKINI" yeah the man sing a song for us. The driver laughed because he got the joke (if it is) but not for us. Was about to tell the drunk man "Are you trying to insult us?" I kept in silence and instead told myself that I'm just fashion.

Back home after 40 minutes of travel I rested for a while and then go online to check business.

While surfing online a friend of mine posted this video. Hold on 'cause I myself can't but please bear with me since "kilig" is killing me! First and foremost wanna tell you I like the video, well the music wise is awesome, effort is rated A, actor is... hell yeah the actor. hahaha I'm speechless.

It's up to you to judge the video so better watch and don't forget to comment below on your reaction/s.

[I don't own the video I'l just grab it somewhere else]


Aj Rafael is one of my fave youtuber and that song is not new for me since I have it on my iPod; not only that but almost all Aj's songs.


It's not easy to create this video so as printing words cutting it and put into phrase or sentence/s. So I would like to say "Bravo" I mean "Brava" on this.


Must say you're intelligent on the way you presented the video. Loved it!


Keep up the good work behind the camera. Kudos!


I love you! hahaha You just don't know how much I love you because of this. Hope to meet you soon. Ok hold on Gem. Anyway, I love the video... oh no.. I super love the video specially you. That's all. 

Well, sorry for that guys but I just can't help myself, this vid made my day. My friends know how much I easily get in-touch with cute chubby guy. I don't care if some are ugly as long as they're chubby and yummy in a way. Sorry for the word.

I guess that says it all. My ordinary day became not just like it.
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